The right to think for ourselves

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The thought of having the right to think for ourselves seems like it would just make sense. I'm not sure it does.

During my yoga session this morning the instructor said something about "the right to think for ourselves". I believe she was just talking about the movements we make, but my brain made it much bigger.

I began to think about life, social media, the state of our society.... There are many ways that we can try to break down our right to think for ourselves. I believe that our society had gotten so advanced that we no longer actually think for ourselves. What I mean is that all of the surviving is now we fill our time with purpose. Much like great empires through history we can see how everything is socially changed due to the lack of needing to survive.

I think that maybe when we don't need to survive, our critical thinking may be affected. With it being 2019, most of the news is filled with individuals that are functioning in a plug and play society. Being lead by the masses and all sharing the same thoughts.

Be well
~The Yeti


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The right to think for ourselves
The left should really think for themselves too. ^_^

Thinking is such a surface level thing.
Most people do not realize that the topography was shaped by dozens of years of indoctrination and programming.

Give me a child for four years and no one will be able to uproot the seed i plant.

So, without serious inner work, along with serious studying on what you were and were not taught, then, your thoughts are almost the same as everyone else's.

Wow nice! I love a good deep comment. Yeah, thinking is really wild. We take in information through our eyes and ears , and we often just vomit out the things we have taken in.