Maybe The Purpose Of Life Is To Let Experiences Flow Through Us...

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As I fight through this never ending head cold, I am pushing forward with what I do everyday. Yesterday, was our Sabbath, so I rested and consumed videos that help me to grow and twist my mind into different shapes to see what comes out.

I watched a video yesterday that was talking about the purpose of life. That there is no real beginning or end to an idea or experience, but it is a non stop process of the experience flowing through us.

I think that this is an incredible idea. Imagine. Your very reality is the non stop flow of experience that is flowing through you right now. Nothing to do with the past. Nothing to do with the future. Everything to do with right now.

I believe that we are creators. We are not THE creator, but creators. Actually, I don't think we really create, but we reform what we already have. Maybe it is making a craft, or crafting words.

This whole idea has got me really thinking about how I see reality and my experiences. Everyone says that we only have right now and that we should be present, but I don't think it is that easy. I believe that we need to become conscious of the experience happening before we can understand it's flow.

Be well
~The Yeti

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