Why are names, everywhere...

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Today I got caught on the idea of names. Names are everywhere. Everything around us has a name.

It struck me as odd when I started thinking about names. Who was the first person that decided a sweet four legged cuddle machine should be called a dog? Who was the first person that decided to call the place they spend time at attached to their house was a porch?

I know the idea may see a bit out there, but it got my attention. The idea that we are part of a vast universe, with a limited time in this existance, and we spend our time walking around with a label maker. Not really haha, but you get it.

Why use our finite minds and limit time to name everything. Does it really matter? Are we living longer and stronger lives due to names? Or is it our ego that simply has to do it.

Be well
~The Yeti


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Adam was in charge of naming the animals.

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Hahaha wonderful!

Mind = Self = Ego

There is no difference between them.