What's good for the goose....is good for the blockchain?!

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So today is a bit different. I am usually not so opinionated toward issues that I see. I usually just go with the flow and watch how things go. I have noticed over the past couple of weeks that there are inconsistencies.

What might be viewed by one person as a good idea, is viewed by another as a terrible idea.

Some may see post promoting as good marketing, while others think it is abuse.

Some may think that self voting is abuse, while someone else sees it as mining.

As we are all working out the details of what it means to function on a decentralized platform...it seems that there are more rules. Not coming from Steemit Inc. but from the users around us.

I have an opinion...you will see it in the video.

Be well
~The Yeti


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Are the articles or posts on theinnerblocks.com manually put on the website? Or is it done automatically when someone tags Then Inner Blocks?

Goodmorning. Right now https://www.theinnerblocks.com pulls posts from the tag #innerblocks on Steemit into the 'new' section on the site. As it continues to grow it will change. Posts made on the site will cross post to Steemit, but posts made on Steemit will no longer post on the site. That way the site fills up with intentional content.

Ok, I have been tagging #theinnerblocks and not #innerblocks because your site is theinnerblocks.com. So, it's a little confusing. I just changed them.

Haha right. I know it is a bit confusing. All of the content will be under #innerblocks

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