Learning How To Put Others Before Ourselves

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As a vlogger, I vlog about real life. My life, your life, someone else's life, and it is always about perspective. Today I am in my kitchen making my breakfast really breaking open the idea of learning how to put others before ourselves.

This morning I had a chance to teach this idea to my kids. We have all been battling a head cold for about a week now, but today they have something going on in town that would put them around a bunch of people. If they were to choose to go while they are still sick, then it would put alot of people at risk of catching our germs....just so they could go and selfishly enjoy the event.

I was also a part of a conversation with a community leader about how to handle an on going issue within the community. Their idea was to have a bunch of smaller accounts do the dirty work because they had less to lose. This was another example of putting one persons needs before others.

That is not my style. Some people don't like my leadership style...maybe they really enjoy getting used or talked down to. That's not my style. I want people to win. I want everyone to win. Win at life. Win at their experience. Win at whatever they are a part of.

Life is too short to wrap ourselves up in our own experience and forget that everyone else is also working through theirs. Maybe it wouldn't take much effort to help someone else out while still having an amazing experience.

Be well
~The Yeti




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