SMT vs. Tokens

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When it comes to talking about SMT or Tokens, opinions fly. We all have an idea about what is happening, and what we would like to see happen.

Currently there are more tokens being created everyday that don't actually have a use case. The idea is to gamify the experience. Most tokens are used inside of a community and given out for tasks or participation.

SMT on the other hand is over due. Steemit inc. Has dangled the bait for too long, and now someone is doing it.

As a web based blockchain business owner I am looking forward to seeing where this all lands. Since The Inner Blocks (@theinnerblocks) is running a dApp on the Steem blockchain, we are rewarding in Steem and SBD.

I love good competition when it comes to ideas, but I also love following through with ideas.

I hope you enjoy this little thought.

Be well
~The Yeti


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ótimo vídeo meu querido sucesso!!!

Are you looking to doing something like

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There are many front ends that function like palnet...maybe not as advanced haha. Our current set up is just steem..after that we would explore SMT which would function similar

Watched the video....all I have to say is I will sit back and wait to see what direction you are going to take #innerblocks

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