The Brainless is Not Worthless { Video Series of Promoting Dtube and Steem on Twitter}

in dtube •  19 days ago

Hui guys welcome all 🙏🙏. So, in this vlog I just shared my a bit of opinion about that how the Brainless people as society think is not worthless.

In this video I had shared that judging one person by his one weakness will not prove him brainless . He/she definitely have some other good qualities which we can't have.
I also thinks that it's the problem of most of the countries

And also in this video I had shared that how through this video I'm going to promote “Dtube” and “Steem” on Twitter 😊.

I'm a proud member of Dcooperation community founded by @clixmoney

I'm too a proud member of Linkseven77 an initiative by @nathanmars

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