Skies to Steemfest4 - Bangkok, Thailand 2019

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In this video you can follow along my journey from Valencia, Spain to Bangkok to attend Steemfest, Steemfest4 to be precise.

I used air miles to pay for his trip and it took me from Valencia to Barcelona by bus, then Brussels Airlines to, well Brussels and then Thai Airways on the A350 (it's one of the smoothest airplanes) to Bangkok, which was a real treat.

No commentary, just slices of the journey highlighting the trip, some airports and the lounge in Barcelona.

The very first person I ran into was @bubke , who joined me for a coffee while I was waiting for @wanderein . I agreed to meet her at the gate so we can travel to our hotel together. And while I was waiting I came across the next Steemian, @jeffjagoe ! I totally brain farted when he approached me, we met at Steemfest3 in Krakow the year before and we follow each other on Instagram. I even liked one of his pictures 2 days ago but still couldn't place him when he approached me.

Stay tuned for many more Steemfest posts - I just arrived back home and finally found time to post about SF4. Honestly have no idea how people were able to blog while attending the conference.

This video was recorded with this camera.

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look at you being all fancy you!

It was lovely running into you again my friend! Hope you had a good homecoming as well! And yeah...writing during steemfest (or while travelling at all) isnt my game really as well!

And we didn't really say goodbye to each other. Really wanted to hangout more with you though!

heheh it was because of the houdini move I made suddenly leaving (this happens more often hahah) but indeed, the bad side effect is not saying goodbye to people then!

yeah hangout time..BUT.....I am more than sure that this will really, likeminded people always find each other! Good luck sleeping off the jetlag

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How did you find SF this year? Better?

Also, wow! That plane to Bangkok looked cosy! Never flew one like this myself.

SF felt different this year, smaller group but felt like this year I personally got much more out of it and got to talk to many more different people this time around. AND it was much much more exhausting though!

<3 Saw your reflection in the car window! Ha! Hope SteemFest was all you hoped it to be - I'm saving up for SteemFest 5, can't miss another one :D

SF5 or else ... I hope I have the energy though .. hahah!

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That was a looong journey but so nice and fancy! Love your DJI videos :)

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