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RE: By Connecting Dots, You Are Solving the Riddle

in #dtube2 years ago

Thanks for a great video Zoltan, and that walking area looks amazing, I can just see how it would look in the summer, and yeah it's important to create, but also to take time for ourselves so we are able to create and sorting our thoughts, that's why I like walking and Actifit helps me to go out and walk most days, stay awesome.


I can't make that Actifit app to work on any of mobiles in my house... loool... On my old one, it wasn't working because I have rooted the phone. On the other one, it didn't count steps as it should. And on my newest its already blocked few times...
So, I'm walking, but not counting :)

Ok Zoltan, not sure about the rooting and blocking things, but I had to tweak it quite a bit to get it to count my steps, I got a Huawei by the way.

So the first thing I had to do was enable aggressive tracking, then I had to go into my phone settings and protect it in the power settings from being shut down when the phone is locked, and last I had to open the task manager where you switch between open apps and lock it, there should be a lock symbol to tap or you lock it by swiping it downwards.

It's still not perfect but good enough, check and see if this helps.

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