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RE: Crypto Mondays - Why Did We Choose Steem?

in #dtube5 months ago

Thanks for a great show Jon and Blain, and the use case for Steem and the fact that you build from the ground up by creating content is very powerful, plus that we have scalable 3 seconds transactions is just mindblowing in comparison to any other blockchain out there, and it looks like we are moving out of the bear market slowly, more people are becoming active again and it's reflected in the price, and also more activity on CTPtalk as well, keep up your great work and stay awesome.


Thanks man, yeah sometimes I forget the amazing tech of this stuff...And you are right, this blockchain is awesome for that!

Thanks Jon, yeah this blockchain is awesome.

Aloha Flaxz,

I agree with you. Jon and Blain are creating something amazing for us so that we don't have an excuse of why we are not making money online. We have STEEM that can help us to earn while we learn.

Thanks @karaleejohnson, yeah that is exactly the point, no excuses to not earn wile you learn.