Issues With Dtube Snap?

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It's Monday and a fresh new week.

Add it afterwards in Steemit

In this video I talk about a problem that can appear from time to time when uploading to Dtube, and that is that the Snap graphic won't show on other Steem interfaces, even though it does show on Dtube, and I share a way around this.


Erik Gustafsson

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Great advice @flaxz.
I have also found this issue when uploading my videos.
But I find after awhile the pictures shows up .
For some reason it just does not always come up straight away .
I have also noticed when looking through Dtube content others have the same issue.
Dtube is working on an update I’m pretty sure so it will hopefully be fixed with some other things they are currently working on.

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Thanks @mickvir, it used to be that you had to wait up to 15 minutes for them to show up, but the 2 videos before this one they did not show at all, and only 1 of them showed up after this video was posted and 2 days after that partucular video was posted, but as you said, they must have worked on it, because the video after this one showed directly, and stay awesome.

Very useful and quite informative bro

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Thanks @devkant79, sometimes you run into issues and then you need a way around them.