Earn Double With Palnet

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It's Tuesday and quite windy outside.

PALcoin and Steem earnings on your posts

In this video I talk about the PALnet dApp located on palnet.io, and how you can use that to earn both PALcoins and Steem on your posts, by posting through them or by adding the #palnet tag, and you can also get a free airdrop in steem-engine that you can then Stake in your PALnet wallet similar to Steempower.


Erik Gustafsson

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Nice dtube about palnet. I have mine claimed and staked. I'm still not sure how it all works though. I've been using palnet as a tag on all my posts and I've posted some things on palnet.io but I'm not seeing anything yet on my pal net account.


Thanks @blueeyes8960, yeah I have not got all the details down either, but you get PALcoins on your posts when someone upvotes it in Palnet, and it pays out after 7 days just as in Steemit, so I hope that makes it a bit clearer, have an awesome day ahead.

@flaxz, thank you for sharing this information with us. I'll have a look at it. Is their coin tradable on Steem-engine?

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Thanks @cryptospa, they are made by @minnowsupport, and if I am not too badly informed I think that they are very closely tied to steem-engine themselves, I did see some comments naming high profile steemians that I know are behind steem-engine and tied them to this project, so it could be that it's kind of a steem-engine showcase project for SCOT and Scotbot.

And yeah you can trade them on steem-engine and you can also claim free tokens in your steem-engine account, if that is still open, and you can also Stake your PALcoins in your Palnet wallet, similar to Steempower.