Humanize Steem

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It's Wednesday and sunny weather.

An initiative by @jeanlucsr

In this video I talk about #humanizesteem, an initiative by @jeanlucsr to make Steem more human.

Plus also an update on from @arcange.


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Erik Gustafsson


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Lovely brother, we all need to prioritize humanizing steem, that’s the beginning of our success.

Lovely story about yourself! I like the microphone and glasses 👓 that you got yourself.


Thanks @maxdevalue, It's a great initiative, and you are right building relationships on Steem also builds success, have an awesome day.

Thank you for the shout out about SteemReply @flaxz, really appreciated.

About mobile support, I'm perfectly aware of the current imperfection of the current interface and indeed it was mainly targeted at desktop user (hence the support of Keychain only at the beginning). Full mobile responsive support is planned and should come in the future,


Thank you very much @arcange, it's an awesome dapp, I really appreciate the hard work in creating it, full mobile support sounds great, I will look forward to that feature, have and awesome day ahead. 👍

Great. With steemit and steem to the moon


Thanks @adenijiadeshina, to the moon and then to mars.

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Humanising our Blockchain so damn important



Thanks @nathanmars, it builds relationships and engagement, and by the way seven77 also helps a lot in that department, especially for new steemians, have an awesome day.

Awesome vid. I just realized my wife and her sister always try to convince my parents-in-law they should go to Stockholm.

A little late here, will respond more detailed tomorrow.


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Thanks @jeanlucsr, Stockholm is great especially in the summer and spring times, well worth a visit, have an awesome day ahead.


Good to know. Never been. The closest I've been is Helsinki. My wife actually visited Stockholm that year but I didn't join.

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Great. 👍🙂

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