Actifit and Take It Easy

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It's Saturday and the day was really warm, though a bit chilly in the evening.

Earn Steem and stay healthy

In this video I talk about the Take It Easy contest arranged by @cryptospa and supported by @freedomex, using the @actifit dApp, and how this contest and the dApp can be a really great way to start earning Steem and get engagement on the Steem blockchain, plus it gets you motivated to stay healthy.


Erik Gustafsson

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A great vlogging dear...... very useful and informative. I'll also try to touch 15000 steps. Hope I make it and I'm going to resteem this vlog.... Great work

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Thanks @devkant79, next contest is next Saturday, given that @cryptospa continues with them, I'd like to see you on that list, have an awesome day. 👍😀

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