Click Track Profit - New Tribe And Token Called CTPtalk

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It's Thursday but I recorded this video on Wednesday, I just did not have the time to upload it until now.

Click Track Profit - New Tribe And Token Called CTPtalk

In this video I talk about ClickTrackProfit, which is an affiliate marketing training platform from fellow Steemian @jongolson, and he have now launched a Steem tribe on with their own CTP token on the Steem-engine platform.

Affiliate marketers on this platform numbers in several hundreds of thousands, and they will now want to join Steem, this is monumental and will most likely increase the number of Steemians significantly.

You can check out this platform for yourself by following my affiliate link,, it is free to join and use, but they also have paid memberships, and commissions are paid out in crypto, so do your own research before investing.


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Do your own research before investing.

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Thanks so much man! So awesome to watch this and the history of the program....I love seeing you guys (the old school CTP members) really embracing Steem...Once I saw you embrace Steem, I knew it was the right place for CTP :)

That being said...It's going to be a process. Lots of people have misconceptions about crypto and many in CTP are hesitant to embrace it.

But we will help them, train them and do everything we can to make both communities help each other out.

great video giving us the background and outdoors is a good touch but feed the dogs

Thanks @jongolson, yeah it will be a process, and there is much for them to learn, but I also think that actually a majority of affiliates are very positive towards crypto since all the shutdowns and such from Paypal and their ilk, so the fact that this is crypto and they can not be shut down is something I think most of them will value a very great deal.

That being said, Steem is complicated to start with and it's important to make everything we can to make it as easy as possible for them.

I actually joined Steem in Januari of 2018 on your recommendation, but I hardly made anything for another year and it wasn't until my Wordpress blog got hacked, I think I know which plugin was at fault, but after that I just wanted something unhackable and where I didn't have to keep the site secure and all the other admin tasks, though I still have all the backups laying around somewhere.

But for me that was enough motivation to finally get over that huge learning curve that is needed to make it in Steem, and actually start learning everything I could about it, it's taken me a while and I am still sucking up all the knowledge I can, but I do also feel that I am at a point where I can really start contributing to teach also.

So if you have any use of what it took for me in your lessons and so, now you know and stay awesome man.

Eric you know I seen this one an other place, but that is all good, because this is one people should see and listen to right now. Good work on this one!!

Thank you very much @sigskeie, and a very warm welcome to Steem, I hope you will like it here, stay awesome.

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@flaxz, thank you for sharing information about Click Track Profit in your video. I'll have a look at this platform tomorrow. Stay awesome!

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Thanks @cryptospa, yeah it has been around for a very long time, it was the first platform to gameify traffic generation for affiliates, but the last years it's been a bit stale, now it's been relaunched and heavily updated, plus integrated with Steem, this is great and in my opinion it will be a huge money maker for anyone willing to promote it, and also to have a very large userbase come to the Steem blockchain, stay awesome.

Nice post , stay awesome.

Thank you very much.

Great video! I'm happy CTP is back and being run the right way.

Thanks @athomewithcraig, yeah that is really great, I am very optimistic about it, have an awesome day.

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