HF21 And SBI - What Will Happen After The Fork?

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It's Wednesday and quite warm outside.

HF21 And SBI - What Will Happen After The Fork?

In this video I talk about the implications of Hardfork 21 for @steembasicincome, and what is likely to happen after the fork, and wether or not it might be a good investment.

Read info in these 2 posts by @steembasicincome.

SBI in an HF21 World - Part 1: 50/50 rewards

SBI in an HF21 World - Part 2: Convergent Linear & Downvote Pools


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Erik Gustafsson

Do your own research before investing.

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@flaxz, thank you for sharing another awesome video with us! I find your information about HF21 and SBI very interesting. Stay awesome!

Thanks @cryptospa, yeah that is pretty great about SBI, the real question though is what effect the downvote pool will have overall, if it can be used for good it can also be used for bad, stay awesome.

@Flaxz, I am running a daily SBI right now, would you like to partake and collect SBI units as you say here in your video? Just thought I'd throw that in. Have a good day.

Thanks @roger5120, that would be great, I will see if I can find the time, but I will try my best, stay awesome.

Great @flaxz. We’ll be awesome.

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