🎬 Steemy, the Daily Steemit Show - EP. 07: Upvote Bots Explained - Randowhale [DTube]

in dtube •  2 years ago  (edited)

Learn how to use the upvote bot @randowhale to earn some extra Steem and promote your posts. In the next episodes we will also cover the other upvote bots on Steemit.

Futher Steemy talks about the top 3 trending posts and of course the daily Steem price.

Let me know what you think of the show, how I can improve it and what you would like me to cover in the next episodes.

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Very informative video! I already knew how to use @randowhale. But i never knew about steemnow.com. Thanks for sharing!


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very nice explanation video by Coin Puppet, very clear to use @randowhale . Which is your favorite upvote robot guys?


@randowhale is very good and fast


My favourite is @Minnowbooster because it is 100% clear what you will receive. After that I favor @booster because they have the frontrunner guild that often makes it quite profitable. Sadly it has been overrun by people who have no clue what they are doing and throwing to high bids.

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Upvote me plz ;)

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Thanks again flauwy! I look forward to these every day. The only thing that bothers me is now that I've seen your face from your cashout video, it ruined the animated character!! (Just kidding!!) I'm looking forward to the next video!


Haha, I shouldn't have shown my face.

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