Discussion With Mark Passio About Gematria

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I have made a call-in the weekly live show 'What on Earth is happening?' by Mark Passio. We talked about Gematria and how it is being used to connect meaning to instigated events. The elites love Numerology more than anything else (except for money) and script their events in ways, that are getting more and more obvious these days.

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Very interesting stuff. I'll have to RESTEEM and watch later..Marty Leeds is a great guy who works with English Gramatica I watched his stuff for a couple years then YouTube took his channel off..

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Marty Leeds has a new channel. He does amazing work but I don't trust him because he denies any connection of Gematria and world events.


See that, I did not know... Hes a smart man. He knows if he says it hes a dead man. Because if hes a smart as he is he can't help but do the math. You see what I'm saying, so hes not dumb. Scared or extremely religious

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