Mayan Calendar Date, Captain Marvel and Time Travelling

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The Captain Marvel movie is breaking all records. Today, during the first 666-day of the Mayan calendar in many years, the movie has reached amazing 911,666,190 US Dollars worldwide at the box office. Oh, wait a second: 9/11, 666 and 19 (like 2019) plus divine quality 0. It reads like: The next 9/11 from the 666 Cabal strikes in 19. And also today, Marvel released the promo posters for Avengers ENDGAME, where the heroes will travel back in time, saying 'Avenge for the FALLEN'. They couldn't be any more on the nose with their Endtimes predictive programming, could they? And don't forget that Endgame will be the 22nd movie of the MCU during their 11th year of existence...

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Mayan Calendar 130666.PNGCaptain Marvel.jpg

And Captain Marvel equals 810 in English Sumerian (used to be the default cipher in English and creates high numbers). 810, just like August 10.

810 Captain Marvel.PNG

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