Ottermaker - Burn Your Splinterlands Cards For 101% Value

in dtube •  last month  (edited)

With the amazingly easy bot of @ottermaker, you can burn your @splinterlands cards for 101% of their Dark Energy Crystal value. In this video I am showing you the process of how to use the bot.

Further, I am offering to buy your Alpha gold foil cards for the Water, Earth and Life splinter for 103% for their value (not interested in Fire nor Death). I have to do this manually, so unlike the bot, which is instant, I will need up to a day to send you your DEC. But if you can wait a moment and trust me enough, simply send me the cards and I get back to you.

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Greetings, grand @flauwy

Excelent strategy to win some more decs. Thank you for share with us. I hope you buy all this alpha gold cards that you wish

thank you and have a nice day

#palnet #spt #battle #steemleo

Nice, have you found many taking you up on your 103% offer ?

#spt #battle #dtube #palnet #sct


I think ottermaker collects all the cards and tries to max them out so he can collect the 5% Bonus for burning a maxed card.
Good to have this service here on Steemmonsters.

I think the business model works mostly by selling the cards on the market to a much higher price than the DEC value.