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Finding the Curve is a documentary of a filmmaker's quest to find the edge of the world, after coming to the realization that the Earth might actually be flat.

My name is Einar Kuusk. My life was recently shaken to the core by the notion that the Earth might actually be flat and motionless. I kept rejecting this idea for some time and even made fun of the people who dared to consider such a "primitive" model of our reality before finally realizing that there is undeniable, mathematical and physical proof that our world as we know it is not a ball spinning in space. As a filmmaker, I found myself in the midst of the greatest story untold - the story of humans waking up to the fact that they have no idea where they live...

"Finding the Curve" is my debut feature film and I imagine it to be this metaphysical, sometimes funny, adventure documentary where people's sense of reality is shifted. In this documentary, I capture the very moment I have a sudden consciousness shift and start believing the Earth is flat, after someone online payed me to watch flat Earth videos. The next day, I have become obsessed with the subject, especially the premise that Antarctica, believed generally to be a continent, is really an enormous ice wall that surrounds the world and a treaty has been signed by most of the countries to keep the general population away from it, as if not to let them discover the true nature of our world. I start recording my life as a flat Earther. As I travel the world for projects unrelated to this, I begin recording people's reactions to me believing that the Earth is flat and start to see what my film is really about: It is about people. Humans. The Human race, confused about where they live and capturing their emotional response to the proposition that everything they've been taught about the Earth may be completely false.

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I like to go about it through scripture. We were told in school that the earth spins and is a globe and it moves around the sun. Yet the scripture says, Who laid the foundations of the earth, that it should not be removed for ever. Psalm 104:5. So science says it is moving and scripture says it is not moving.

I use to wonder why did God destroy the tower of Babel as they were building that tower toward heaven and he let the Apollo missions go to the moon. Then I start to learn how people are questioning the moon landings and showing signs of photoshop like techniques. So did they go to the moon? I don't think so.

If we are to address the flat earth we must also address the firmament or what some call the dome. According to Genesis first chapter the firmament divided waters from above the firmament to the waters below the firmament. Also that in the firmament are placed the greater light, the sun and the lesser light, the moon and the stars also. All those lights are in the firmament. By its own name firmament would mean it is firm. We get more clarification from Job as it reads, Hast thou with him spread out the sky, which is strong, and as a molten looking glass? Job 37:18. Funny how you see the rockets fly straight up, but then after a certain distance from the ground it starts to level off. What? Are they trying to avoid the firmament which is strong and as a molten looking glass? Let those rocket people build an unmanned rocket and tell them to fly it straight up so it can hit the firmament. Then you will know about God's handy work, the firmament. Nothing made by man can get through God's firmament.

In the trailer they mention going from north to south around the so called globe and coming out of the other side of Antarctica. That would be a good experiment, but the governments of the world won't let you do it. What are they hiding in Antarctica? The beginnings of the dome? I would think so.

What really got me about if the earth is flat or not was that people 60 miles away from the Statue of Liberty could see the Statue of Liberty on a clear day. Now some people might say, big deal. Well according to their own formula of curvature a person should not even see the Statue of Liberty 30 miles away and yet twice that distance people can see it? Their own formula of curvature is flawed. Why? Cause the earth is flat. They, the people that have been telling us lies are people that want to go against the scriptures of God. What they really want to do is hide God and make people doubt the scriptures.

It is good against evil. Jesus against Satan. Have you ever noticed the logo of NASA? Notice that serpent tongue? That serpent tongue kind of looks like a T. Now add that T to NASA and you get the letters to SATAN. Satan will always want you to go against scripture and doubt God.

Honestly speaking, I wouldn't say that I believe that the earth is round, but I "know" it is, due to what I've been told and everything I've seen...

It's basically the same problem everyone has, except for the fact that some people ignores certain things meanwhile others are trying to find the answers. I'd love to see this documentary, no matter if the earth is flat or not. I'd love it because I'd get some facts and real answers.

Just look at 9/11. I've never heard so much bs in my life, when they tried to fool everyone on the planet that a plane would be able to take down a huge tower like that. And even though I don't know exactly what happened, I know they've been trying to feed us with bullshit stories.

I can only find one reason to do it, and that's due to social control.

I don't know about flat earth though. Can't see the reason for people to lie about that in the first place, but I've also never tried to find some answers for it either.

Really great job with this trailer. I hope you'll be successful on your mission. Good luck! :)


Thanks dude, what a fantastic comment.

Fantastic trailer. I have resteemed this for visibility.


Thanks brother. I'm back. For good. And I'm making a fucking movie. Love you.