My worst fear..

in #dtube3 years ago

As something that looked so great, it ends up becoming one of my worst fears?

But even so, that fear did not take away the desire to continue publishing here in dtube :)

▶️ DTube

pocketsend:[email protected], play around with the token of fun - POCKET!

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Sending Account: pode
Receiving Account: fabian98
New sending account balance: 277605
New receiving account balance: 20
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Someone sent you some POCKET tokens. POCKET is an experimental sub-token system which operates on the Steem blockchain. It's like having a custom token without SMT. You can also send some to someone else by just commenting on a post with the following command: pocketsend:[email protected]_name,memo for example to send 10 tokens to @pocketjs, make a comment starting with: pocketsend:[email protected],This is a gift

I am running Pocket-JS confirmer code.

keep at it, Fabian! Good work!

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