Cooking with Exyle #5 - Grilling American Rib-eye steak and Brazilian Picanha from the Green Egg - DTube Video #2

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Watch Cooking with Exyle #5 - Grilling American Rib-eye steak and Brazilian Picanha from the Green Egg - DTube Video #2 video on DTube

My last video on Dtube was around 350mb for 5 min. I got feedback from users that they had trouble opening/buffering the video. I'm guessing that was because the Video size was to large.

This time I reduced it to 250mb for 6min. I hope it will be better this time.

The editor from Dtube is pretty basic, I might have to clean this up a bit on Steemit.

Today after coming home from my niece birthday party, we decided to stop at Makro and buy some nice steak for tonight and for my dad to take up North on Thursday.

In the video I prepare and clean up the meat before cutting Steaks and putting them in bags ready for the Freezer.

I also fired up the green egg to grill some amazing Steak.

It was great.

The green Egg was glowing, almost ready at this point.

Rib-eye Steak. One of the best I ever had.

Picanha from Brazil, Argentina or Uruguay is my favourite. This one was great!

Final Result

Youtube link

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Exyle's Green Egg has returned, lol... Really enjoy watching you video, and the steaks looked so juicy and succulent, even better than the restaurant!!

This is the first time my wife and I watched your cooking video together and I'm trying to sell her on the many benefits of getting a Green Egg, lol. :) She's googling it right now, lol.

The ribeye looked incredible and I have to remember to ask the butcher next time I go about the picanha, it looks incredibly delicious and well marbled.

She just saw the price of the Green Egg and said no way lol, so now I really need Steem to hit $10 to make this happen!

Great video man and you and your dad enjoy the steak!


LOL, that's no fun :) Tell her it's an investment for life! I'll be using this thing in 30 years from now!


I whined around for awhile with no luck, lol. She said if I want one to start another business to pay for it. Maybe it's time I did something with social media involving/promoting Steemit. Now that's a novel idea! :)

yes sir it is right the dtube videos mostly not play with good buffering and also my net is slow from some days i try it again..but ur photos of are look delecious recpies and tasy to force the eat to enjoy these @exyle sir


Thanks for the feedback.

Still no luck watching the video. I'm guessing it is something wrong on my end. The food looks great. I hope you did not regress much from your diet on the London trip. I bet a cold beer might have been nice with that steak!


Thank you for the feedback. My diet is still going. I tend to be in shape for Steemfest 2.

Have you ever tried the reverse sear method for cooking your steak?

250° first to bring your steak up to your desired temp minus 10° (i.e. for medium rare, bring it to 120°, then take it off the grill and let it rest. (It should re-absorb most of the juices)

Bring the BGE up to 600+, then sear for 1-2 minutes per side.


Ñever heard of this method. Going to google it now!


Be careful, if you google too much, you'll just be left drooling on your keyboard.

I prepared some steaks like this on Sunday, my wife said they were in the top five best steaks she's ever had. :-)

Happy Wife = Happy Life.


The other advantage is, you can prepare your steaks in advance, then, wait until you are ready for the final sear. This gives you more time to spend with Bianca and friends (perhaps an extra beer) before you finish off the steaks.

That steak looks insanely delicious and Dtube HD quality is truly awesome.

The steak looks fantastic. It looks to be around medium rare in doneness terms. It seems that you were able to put a very nice crust on the steak.

You had me at ribeye! YUM, great job staying healthy bro!

Wow that's delicious and yeah I will try this out! Hope I will get the GREEN EGGS too :D Thanks for sharing this amazing post! Appreciate your effort!


Steaks are looking yummy. About Dtube, I think because of it's basic UI, there must be some bug which resist others to play the videos well. I have tried to watch many videos there, but there was not so much luck with me. This video you have shared is working fine.

It's so satisfying to watch proper grilled steak. I already know that tender meat melted on the tongue.

Thanks for uploading it to YouTube haha
Look at the green egg. I love just watching the embers and hot coals spewing its enchanting, iridescent orange glow.

What a beautiful cut of meat that you were working with.
The rib eye looks so juicy, succulent and delicious.

Glad to see that the green egg has returned and making me hungry again @exyle! haha

Drooling over the video! The steaks look amazing and served with grilled vegetables is the best. Perhaps a cold beer? We can't get Picanha here:( Looks like a great meat to do on the BGE...

looks good!! need to get me my own green egg! lol:)


you should. It's awesome :)

Wow awesome video @exyle sir, nice to see you cooking for me your cooking is great, the meat your prepared looks so yuumy and delicious and D-tube Video buffering is super fast for me might be my internet connection is super fast also, it's nice watching your dad for the first time really pretty smiling face.

Looks so juicy. Very delicious.
I am also doing mostly picanha with the fat layer on top. This keeps the meat tender and juicy. I do this as a whole and slice it after cooking. :-)

That ribeye looks tender and juicy! Looks delicious

After look this post I'm very hungry xD looks really good! i think is dinner time for me 😉

That looks verry verry nice

The steak looks so appetizing, that tomorrow I'll probably try to make it look like :)

Great result dear @exyle! You cook meat very well!

a little salting here ;)

wow sir u r a good cook i dont know before its see and now want to make a plan for some make good to enjoy eat with some fellows

result is amazing! thanks for sharing mah man!

No leftovers for tomorrow I guess?


p.s. took quit some time to load the video ...


Thanks for the feedback. Also uploading to youtube as we speak.

Wow, delicious looking.

Oh the char... the glorious char!!!

Thanks great video! The smaller video size also streams much faster for me.

Your cooking video is great. We don't get these packages meat in our place, it looks very tasty and yummy. You are also a good cook too. Nice post friend,have a great day .

Quite the meat connoisseur aren't you @exyle and I love your oven.

That steak look nice!

@exyle - Sire, final result seems delicious. I like your cooking video Sire. feel you are a profession in cooking lol :) I like to RESTEEM your post Sire.


Oh, I just can't miss series of cooking with you. I love it so much!!

Great Cooking Skills !! you are a Pro :D
i want to tell you something that the Dtube video didn't load at all today
whereas the you tube video worked fine is it just for me or with everyone ??

I can't open it on dtube though. It's probably coz it's still in beta that's why it's kinda slow on my end? Or maybe it's my net. But I watched it on youtube, I like your grille, it has a temperature on top or a timer? Sorry, I'm ignorant, I don't have an outdoor grill. Your steak looks high-end delicious! :-)

Very delicious dish, thanks for sharing

Looks great, as usual 👊