Vlog 178: Half a million liquid STEEM has been taken off the market in the last 3 days.

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This morning when I checked the latest statistics about STEEM I was happily surprised.

In the last 3 days, half a million liquid STEEM has been taken off the market and powered up.

It just shows how wanted Steempower is at the moment.

Steempower is great because it gives you more influence on this platform and it helps to generate more STEEM.

But I think the real value will come out once Smart media tokens are released.

You will need Steempower to use bandwidth for your SMT's on the STEEM blockchain.

In the upcoming months, I'm expecting more announcements of projects that want to utilize this awesome blockchain. (3-second block times, no fees, scalable)

A new one that has been recently announced is Bobs Repair. Check it out here.





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I hadn't heard of Bob's Repair but just checked it out. My first thought is that it's not a good name for a project like that, sounds more like a traditional style company and the name doesn't even slightly hint at the fact that it's built on a blockchain. I Also I didn't know SMTs could be used for this kind of project as it doesn't relate to 'media'. However, their idea has some merit and I could see how the technology could be useful in their industry, also noteworthy that they have John McAfee as an advisor. It will be interesting to see what happens, personally I'm more enthusiastic about Appics.

Set course for Proxima Centauri B! Forget the Moon!

What is Proxima Centauri B? We are just a bit curious

It is in the nearest star system to us.

I see thank you for the clarification. Now I knew

Could have been a new ICO, you just can't tell ! (-:

It's the name of a star.

Ya its a nearest star name..

to Proxima Centauri B and BEYOND!!!

Thanks for upvote

This is just the beginning and I’m beyond happy everyone’s hard work will now pay off

Yeah! Those who can power up are powering up. Rest are delegating from the bots and whales.

Excellent news, my friend, and this gives us all more confidence in the future STEEM and adds us energy for greater advancement of our ecosystem. I also look forward to the appearance of the SMT , after which we will have more opportunities! Thank you Mark and keep us informed of what's happening!

Yah steem value will be raise very high within few days...in my opinion by the march i will go upto 20 usd..

Oh, yes, I also believe! Moreover, I heard, then by March, $ 100 is expected, this will be the golden dawn of the STEEM!

The high SBD value gives us a lot of Steem buying atm!

True, we can expect many more surprises when Smart media tokens are launched...This is turning out to be real exciting!

I always learn something when I come by and that great. I checked Steemdb. It would be great to have you do a tutorial on how you use the sight to "read" data about the blockchain!

That's a cool idea. I'll think about it!

I’m excited for the future of Steemit and all that SMT’s have to bring to this platform; it’ll make Steemit more budding than it is and introduce new users!

These are great stats! It totally explains the jump. Awesome.

Goodmorning Mark, what an extremely good news. I found out after your post about Liquid STEEM, what it exactly does mean.
This is sure good for the steem community and we sure generate liquid and power.
We all will benefit, and its going like a rocket.
Curious what the SMT will bring.

how get benifit by steemit.??

hey, just wanted to let you know I have added you as a witness (on my 2 accounts) as promised,
hope it helps a bit in moving up the ranks

and i read that white paper but they speak of linking everything to the ETH platform and their smart contracts, I find it hard to understand how the steem platform comes into it

Thanks for your support!

What is a witness? I have been considering voting for him too, but I am new to the platform and dont really undestand what I am voting for, ya feel?

@exyle Another New High in the Price of STEEM today and Yes I believe my Steem Power is very valuable. If we can get STEEM over $10 I wonder if @jerrybanfield will then have to make a New Goal for his price of STEEM.

This are extremely exciting for altcoins and especially for steemit. The price itself has skyrocketed and the demand grows each day. I think we're finally seeing the attention bitcoin has gotten in 2017 now for the altcoins.

Hey @exyle I'm the regular viewer of your great vlogs / blogs. I have learnt lot of things from your tremendous efforts.
Recent high rates of steem has changed the entire scenario of the market of cryptocurrency. And I'm happy that we are the part of this awesome Community where everyone is gaining with the passage of time. All the best and stay awesome!

steem power is a good option for our invetment and also the delegation is more best for us if we have not large investment but here is not possible to get steem power specially in these days exyle sir

yes i agree with you.!

That is awesome news that such an ambitious project like Bob's repair is using the steem blockchain as base. What is kind of confusing to me is that they talk about smart contracts and ethereum in their crowsale. Will they use both blockchains?
P.s I heard in the news that there are high winds in the Netherlands, I'm glad you chose the train to London :)

Yeh it's a bit confusing. Sounds like maybe they originally planned to use Ethereum and then changed their minds.

hmm really incredible about liquid steem in last 3 days and now think the steem will go more up and now we will only hodl it to grow up it more and not to sell till it go up to 30$

You will need Steempower to use bandwidth for your SMT's on the STEEM blockchain.
Keep posting this
Following you ❤️

what does that mean? why is that a good thing?

that's a serious team behind Bob's repair. That was unexpected just by looking at the name lol I couldn't find their steemit blog url on their web site. do they not have one?

Yeh the name sounds amateurish and doesn't hint at it being a technologically advanced company

steem and steempower is looking for a bright future ahead as long the community generate more and more quality articles and content such as your exyle. You got a great post thanks for informing us about it.

I have no idea what this means:

"You will need Steempower to use bandwidth for your SMT's on the STEEM blockchain."

But please carry on with your plans for world domination. This is a wonderful time to be here and I wake up happy and motivated every day!

Basically the SMTs will take up some "space" on the STEEM blockchain and therefore the owners of the SMT project will have to have enough SP to cover that "space"

So they will not be making content like the rest of us, but just renting space? I that what the porn people will do that I heard about?

If you go here: https://steemd.com/@fitinfun. You will see on the top left how much bandwidth you have remaining. (for you: 1.07gb out of a max of 1.08gb). Let's say you need 10gb for your SMT. That means you will have to buy/rent more steempower.

So am I doing something wrong to take so some much bandwidth? I see your point new about the smt. Happy Day!

Great News to hear in the morning.Thanks!! This is really amazing and makes the future of steem more certain as more people are having so much faith in it.

steempower bring comfort to all authors and most likely all steemians.
SMT really, will change the aspect of steem.

I have also some Steem i acquired on Bittrex that I want to power up asap, a pity i can transfer only 0.4BTC worth at a time.

If you get verified you should be able to transfer more

Wow half a million liquid STEEM bought and powered up the best stat's ever seen its so amazing to see wow steem really got the attention which it deserves

Thx for the update @exyle good to see the growth in SP.. I
decided after I reached my goal to leave my SP were it is. Why because I believe in the platform.. its a risk I want to take.. and my US holiday in 2019 is a long way from now.. I am so happy that I achieved my goal in such a small period.

Hey there! I’ve been seeing your videos on DTube! How do you upload your videos to DTube? Because I’ve been trying to upload but it says error each time. Is there a specific format or size it needs to be in?

It's very glitchy. Try using a different web browser, I've heard dtube runs best on Firefox

They had some problems this morning but they fixed it! I use Chrome.

It's good news that a lot of liquid steem has been taken off the market. I can see demand and consequently price rising for Steem as SMTs are launched.

the real value too will be super exciting as everything will be happening on steem blockchain and the block chain is ready to handle any kind of pressure !

Thanks for sharing such great news @exyle, this just goes to show how powerful this platform will be. Glad to be on here, have a great day and happy steeming :)

Friend i checked Bob's Repari, is it based on SMT or ETH? I see they are based on ETH, that's why I am asking!


Thanks for sharing @exyle. I’am getting more enthousiastic about steemit every day.

True. And I've seen Bob's Repair. Sign of hope, yes?

i'm looking forward to the day you tell us about your SMT. i'd love to come to the neatherlands and talk to you about my 3 applications and how they work together. maybe join the blockbrothers? :) we can do meat and beers :) -- have a nice trip to london.

It's just hard to imagine what will happen when SMT's will come out.
And massive ammount of projects will join steem blockchain.
Unbelievable! Everyone want steempower now.

Awesome! I always enjoy listening to your vlogs!

Thank you so much man!


just want to let you know.... IT WORKS! (sometimes)
-thanks @mariossap for the vote!-

I will occasionally get a notification to the watch, but not every one shows up. It would be really cool if @blockbrothers made it 100% compatible. But even this is really awesome.

It's not a top priority right now but maybe in the future when we grow. But still thanks for showing this man that's super cool!

No rush my friend! Love what you and the @blockbrothers are doing

what's your thought on SBD, will it jump up (comparing to steem) again or I should get steem with them as soon as I get some

Wow - that is great news about the removal of liquid steem. Yes - watch out for those SMT. Things are going to get crazy when they are implemented.

Steem is getting stronger and stronge, 2018 will be the raising year for Steem

Can't wait to learn more about the smart media tokens!

Excited to see more development here on the Steemit platform!

Can you Explain further? I have read the white paper but due to it being so technical, I didn't understand why You will need Steempower to use bandwidth for your SMT's on the STEEM blockchain.

2179266 (2).gif

Some people powering down to sell their steem and me wanting to get more to power up :D

I agree with you. There is a linear relationship for steem and steempower

I think the reason for the rise in steem is steeem power @exyle

Cryptocurrencies are the future and thank. goodness that we are part of it..good post

Do we have any profits or any harm? If that is the case, if we tell them in the next post, it is very beneficial. @exyle

steem has a bright future and a nice idea, we can use your daily publications on this subject, to be certain to make the right decision.....

I'm really concerned about future of steem with loots of users and loots more boots. More users also mean more steam to share and less impact of SP. New users will have really hard time to get through early stages of posting without help of whales. And part of them can cooperate to generate huuge income in future without sharing with others.

I'm just a minnow dear Sir @exyle. I joined steemit in late December, 2017. I am not aware of steemit much. But I try to understand various things by reading your blogs and watching videos. And I must say that you're a real MENTOR at least mine. Please keep us guiding with your excellent research work. Thanks Sir for everything!
By the way I want to ask one question...?
What is Smart media tokens. Really I couldn't understand about it. A little explanation if you can please...

This is a new dimension for us to know. Your posts are many lessons.
thanks for sharing @exyle

yeah its good and also we will wait your all projects b ut how we buy SMT now this time @exyle ..and whats price of smt this time...best wishes for you t go london

Like you said, the real value, will be coming soon, however it's so great to know that the new year started with steem going to the moon, I smell big things to come really

Steem is rising this few days, it start by increasing from 1 dollar to 2 dollar and later 3n dollar in 2017 now 7 dollar all thanks to God for joining steem family at the right time

So happy for the progress of the steem. Wish I really had more steempower...Nice post boss

very good reviews .. how do you predict about steem power for the next few months ..

very nice post ..........
.thnx for sahre with us @exyle

I hope you are always in the mood and we will be equally lucky

Your most of the post are very very exciting post .This one also same like other post .thanks for sharing this.Thanks @exyle

With your blog we are aware of the significant value of steem for steem power! Go for more steem power in the future! Super thanks @exyle!


The more lucrative the platform becomes there will be more attempts to game the system. I hope that genuine contributors are rewarded and I does not become a get rich quick race by using loopholes in reward system.

Good postings this post is very useful for readers

It's all too complicated for me right now.

That was an awesome vision sir, much obliged for a refresh likewise SMT is rocking.
Upvoted and resteemed

The time that is not too late to power up , I unserstand like this.

Thank you @exyle. Great data "mining". Significant drop, more so given the short time frame.

very informative,tnx for sharing us

Steem community is getting recognized. That's good to know ^^

isn't this all getting to confusing with all these currencies for one platform? steemdollar, steem, steempower, now also smart media tokens and Proof-of-Brain tokens... why so complicated?

banyak sekali yang komen, tidak tahu lagi mau komen apa hehe [bahasa indonesia]

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Will Steem reach $10? Will Steem and SBD have an equal price soon?
Thank you for the update @exyle!😊

that was a great vision sir, thanks for an update also SMT is rocking.

That's the true witness always up to date.

There's a new one? This is great! Steem just keeps having a brighter and brighter future--and present!

thanks for the news .still i don't understand much of the terms in this.but im trying to learn them.do you have any suggestions for me to learn the basics in the steemit?? that would be really helpful

What a great start to the year for Steem, and I really feel the best has yet to come. Like you said, with SMT's arriving soon I can only see the value increasing.

Steem to the moon. Lol. I'm very happy with the current price of steem. Now mire investments would be maee using it.

that is a new measurement for us to realize. Your posts are many instructions.
thanks for sharing @exyle

I concur with you. There is a direct relationship for steem and steempower.
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Now i don't think steem power will be cheap to buy its in great demand right now :)

good morning mister smart I am Venezuelan and I am really very happy to be here, do not know in so little time what steemit has helped me is incredible liquidity that will give to many people and is a platform that grows rapidly,. there are many people of quality here and I know that they help a lot with each other, I congratulate you for your post.

Bring your umbrella to London!!! :)

SMTs are absolutely worth the wait. Stoked on what it has in store for us! 😊

thank for your information...

That's Great News .
Hoping to more powering the coming days!

Thank you for providing all this valuable information . It is harder to find such details . steem currency project is successful by all standards .
I hope that these updates will benefit the development of the project more .

surprises come in the packet of steem joys :)
wonderful to see steem growing from nearly crashing few months ago to today

will there be many competitors for Steemit?

I want to start a community here based on a group I'm in on facebook where everyone keeps getting banned and making zero cents per post. I can't wait for smts

That is interesting about the SMTs needing bandwidth and therefore steem power!

I thought that because of the huge Steem price people will want to power down, not power up.

This is awesome! thanks for sharing

Thanks for this informative post .i have not hear anything like smart media token before and the benefit of having steempower on smart media token once it comes up in steem blockchain

I have been following you on d.tube for a while and now when I finally decided to set up an account I will follow you. I think you have alot of great insight in steemit and crypto overall.
Hope 2018 will be a great year for you and all steemians

That is awesome, keep it vested, keep the demand strong ! Peace (-:

Hold on to that steem power, enjoy your trip @exyle

i see a glorious future ahead just because of steem and the people are now understanding its value