Vlog 151: Good times for bloggers on the STEEM blockchain with this SBD price.

in dtube •  10 months ago

To start off I was convinced my house was so dark this morning that you guys would have trouble seeing me. I keep saying this a couple of times in the video. But after watching the video I realize it was fine. So sorry about that.

Now for the more the fun things.

SBD is now worth 3 times more than it should be.

As you know 1 SBD should be pegged around 1 USD. (could be $0.90 or $1.10).

But definitely not $3!

Besides speculation on exchanges, I have not found a reason why this is happening.

It's good for bloggers though. So enjoy it.

If you get paid $5 SBD for your blog post (if you selected 50/50) that is now 15 USD (if you decide to sell them).

Buying STEEM with them is also a good choice. You can do that on the internal markets. $0.44 SBD for 1 STEEM at the moment.

I keep selling mine because I think it's too good of a deal not too.

I have recently become a witness with our developer group blockbrothers for the Steem blockchain. If you want to support us I would appreciate your vote here.

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Excellent video my friend, well i see mostly the SBD is moving in between 0.90$ and 1.10$ and yes i see pumps before in SBD but they won't last long but this time it is holding up and just keep going higher and higher and i think that's might be because SBD is listed in some new korean exchanges but i agree with your thoughts it's great opportunity for bloggers and selling SBD slowly at good price is a wise decision indeed and we should see at some stage SBD could comes back to 1$ and thanks for staying us updated regarding steemify app too, wishing you a very joyful week ahead my friend, Stay awesome

Somehow steem find a way to reward the steemians that stick around long term.
Glad to see the value of SBD and Steem up but at the same time the market cap of steem drop compare to the wall market.
No worries.
Keep on steemit.

It's starting not to be worth spending it on those bot votes anymore almost lol.

Amazing, gonna trade it all into steem cause why not.

Interesting to hear you mention that you're putting your SBD into other coins, which ones are you the most excited about right now?

I think the more that steem gets popular, the more we will see SBD pumps in the future. It strange calling a pump a good thing :)

@exyle I did just that this morning I took my SBD and got more STEEM. Never a bad time to trade inflated SBD for more STEEM.

Yes friend you are absolutely right. Wow! We can buy more steem with our sbd. It's a wonderful news for us, today I bought little steem with little and. Thanks good luck and good health to you my dear friend. Steem on.

Very true, blogging on Steem is now even more rewarding.

I heard about the value tripling in one of the chatrooms.

Random question. If I write a blog that I think is amazing can i put "exyle" on my tag for you to see it?


No. that won't work. I just put it there because well....erm...that's my name :)

You are absolutely right @exyle, now the ratio of prices on the stock exchanges is likely pure speculation and everyone wishing to increase their voting power in the Steemit should use this moment and buy the STEEM on favorable terms!

SBD is going to go down eventually or at least it should go down back to $1. I am also buying Steem whit them. Good bloggers are definitely not complaining. I am happy for them. Voted blockbrothers for witness to support your project.


Thanks for the vote!

Great ideas, as always, @exyle! Upvoted @ 100%


Thanks, Terry!

Some days back when sbd first strike $2, it was a good time for me to power up, which I did with the sbd I have. Yesterday was another strike again for sbd to hit $3, but I was unlucky not having much sbd to power up again.
I can sit an watch how the price has gone up, I quickly call a friend on my who is a stremian to power up before it fall.
Yesterday I was chatting with a friend of my, which we both discussing how sbd price is moving up this days. I told him that am sure @exyle want miss this hit, because he is always on point.l, I also blog about it yesterday.

It's really nice even to hear from you about yesterday hit on sbd. Just as you said Buying STEEM with them is also a good choice, that's how I feel like when sbd rise. because Is a big opportunity to power up.

So the pending payout does not show you the exact payout. 50 % of it has to be multiplied by three?


It shows the right amount in SBD (which should be 1 USD) but is not atm.


Interesting. So that makes the payout even bigger than what it actually says.

is blogging the only way to receive SBD?


Technically yes, however, you could also provide goods and services to others in exchange for SBD. I think @exyle already made a few transactions using the Steem/SBD blockchain.


Yes, as far as I know.

This is kind of insane!!!


hmmmm really bro

@exyle good update and advice. The SBD price is just mooning, i wish i had alot more sbd than i have now, i would have sold, but i might still sell with little i have now.

I think the price of sbd is an invitation for investors to buy steem and hopefully increase its value. Somehow this could be intentional in order not to pump steem price on the same level with sbd because if it does, many people will be selling steem instead of sbd. There are also speculations that since there are whales who are in continuous dropping of steem to exchanges which if the value of steem is high, it will hurt the market.

but also i took the $6 sbd i had this morning and bought 18 steem with it because the price of steem is incredibly low on the internal market so i've been grabbing a bit of steem power too ;)


That's a good buy!

I've been selling mine aswell. Hardly any SBD left by now!


Me neither. I did not think it would keep going.

Heya! I've been using Convert To Steem to do this. Is hitting up an exchange actually the best way here?


The internal exchange is way faster. https://steemit.com/market

Sbd has gone insane where as steem is yet to see the climb this is all reverse happening lets see whats going to happen next

Can you tell me is there any fee in the internal market for the conversion?


As far as I know there is no fee.

So when does the shoe drop? All goods things usually come to an end...


I think so too but enjoy it while it lasts.

Now it's the time I'm glad I keep steeming on here :D
When your 40$ payout article can be cashed out more than 60$

Cheers, Exyle!

yes right this is good tym to sell good deal n opportunity to all lol.

Steem is good for long term investment too its better to invested wisely with good moments like these

It is indeed correct i do not have much but got as much as possible with the amount i have!

Right this is great time to sell good deal and opportunity to all.

Every steemian is happy today a lot thrice the happiness :)

yeah this is good tym for all steemit user cheers.

I just realize the price now after you mentioned 5sbd is now $15 haha.. this is amazing I am still waiting until I recieved my rewards, hoping sbd will turn $4 each at that time.

good news n good information that steem price is increasing i hope at the end of 2017 it will go atlest 4 $

I've noticed that post rewards are also higher on posts of most authors. Possibly because of the price of STEEM, its also increasing but not as much as SBD.

excellent writing,great sense of story,nice post,thanks for posting

dear @exyle i read yuor all blog very simplly
your content quality is so good
i like your content

your articles really excellent

"Buying STEEM with them is also a good choice."
This is what I am doing now! Nice tip dude!


yes it is right tym to buy n sell also gud opportunity for blogger.


hmmm you are allright .i agree with you

I appreciated your post because I am fairly new here and want to learn how to use the platform in order to generate an audience as well as earn Steemit. I enjoy reading original content and sharing my own viewpoints, content, and interesting info I find while browsing the net. I think the more time I am willing to spend here rather than other social media sites that offer nothing for their user base, the more confident I will feel about the site. Thanks for sharing your insight!

Yes with you it's the right time
I personally expect the SBD currency to rise to $ 5 by the end of 2017
Every day we expect the best of steemit

great sense of ...humor...amazing
situation is going on...

Best and golden opportunity to convert it to steem these golden moments don't come too often :)

am kinda new to steemit i keep asking myself whats the future sbd. i hope the future holds great

what happened to the sbd i have never seen or imagined anything like this the whales are playing with it or what

thats true @exyle and may be it go more up but it take some long time

Like the cute Christmas Tree :P

yes it's a good time to buy Steem from SBD in internal market. I am also searching the reason for the hike. Nevertheless it's a great time before x'mass to make some profit with Steemit.

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at one moment it was nearly 22 $ back in 6 months according to sbd charts its crazy how things can go

great information on steemit that going god cheers have nice day.

I really appreciate your post. It really makes me keep excited about playing Steemit. I beg you if you wish please visit my Blog and please guide me to be like you. thank you

Good choice to buy steem at the current scene this is a rare chance i guess to see steem dollars at this price and still holding up

Very good advice, I'll use it.

Now i am getting more rewards for my all posts because of the pump.
More posts more rewards.

seems like after the usdt cryptocurrency failure this is happening everyone turning to sbd

Why are you so beautiful to see?

high-quality video, properly i see frequently the SBD is shifting in among 0.ninety$ and 1.10$ and yes i see pumps earlier than in SBD however they won't closing lengthy however this time it is maintaining up and just hold going better and better and that i suppose it truly is might be because SBD is listed in a few new korean exchanges however i consider your mind it is exquisite possibility for bloggers and selling SBD slowly at accurate price is a sensible selection indeed and we need to see at a few level SBD may want to comes returned to at least one$ and thanks for staying us up to date regarding steemify app too, wishing you a totally happy week ahead my friend, live terrific

im waiting steem to go to 3 usd too :) so we will make balance

I am so anxious to see this, that it generates so much frustration to know that if I had money in SBD I would have bought it a lot of steemit in order to grow.

Pity, I have little to invest but I will do it now, I will wait to have more to continue growing.

I follow you and I love your content.

I am Colombian, I follow you from Colombia


(+$1.413 en conversión)

This is insane @exyle and exciting for little bloggers like myself, so let me get this straight if I trade my SBD for steem using steemit.com I wont get a good deal but if I use the exchange markets I could get 1 steem for around $0.44 SBD ?

Is the idea really that SBD should be pegged to the dollar? Or is it that SBD will always be worth $1 worth of Steem, two diferent things, one does not prevent the other. What am I not seeing here?
We are missing something, that this big investors already seen.

just saw your vlog and headed straight away to check prices and bro the prices have gone more insane one sbd is now almost double the value it has yesterday

I am so glad to read this. Just checked the rates and I have a smile on my face alreadayy.

Kind of cool thanks for the suggestion :)

I think the more that steem gets proficiently-liked, the more we will see SBD pumps in the in the push away ahead. It odd calling a pump a courteous have an effect on :)

Very happy to see the value of steem and SBD increasing daily. The more popular steemit gets the more valuable steem and SBD will be. Steemit all the way 🎅👍

Everyone who posts constantly can totally be happy for the SBD rewards incoming.
Don't know how long the high SBD price will stay.
Great Post, thank you :)

beautiful pices

It is an informative post .. I get an idea about Steemit process