Vlog 171: A higher STEEM and SBD price will increase development on the STEEM blockchain.

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With the high SBD price, Steemit is a content creators paradise at the moment.

But actually more is going on I didn't think about before.

Because developers can monetize the blockchain (X% of the reward of content creators for instance) the money generated from that is increasing as well.

In the future, it will, therefore, be much easier to hire developers and pay for extra and better servers from these sources of income.

Which will further increase development, which will increase the value of the blockchain, which will increase the number of users that want to join.

Which of course benefits everyone that has Steem tokens.

I talk about it more in my vlog. (starts @ 3:05)

I am a witness with our developer group @blockbrothers for the Steem blockchain. If you want to support us I would appreciate your vote here.

We build Steemify a notification app for your Steemit account for iOS.

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That is very true! The SBD price does pull the Steem price up as well, and the SBD posting rewards give a huge incentive for new bloggers/vloggers/developers to come and join the platform.

This SBD price increase is a blessing to Steem as it raises awareness about the platform, and creates a snowball effect of positive growth on the platform.

What Steem really needs ASAP is more Steem/SBD/fiat gateways, as well as some kind of 2FA security feature. Just my opinion.

what it needs is a market for people to use their STEEM instead of having to convert it to ther currency for buying something

you mean like an improved https://www.peerhub.com -- that was built by a steemian. also do a bit of a search for steembay -- a bot on steem that helps with selling stuff to trusted steemians on this blockchain :)

Yeah, that's what I'm talking about. I had no idea it existed as it's not promoted at all.

Completely agree :) that's how we humans communicate common value :) by increasing the price :)

dear @exyle you talk exactly in this article. thanks bro!

I would LOVE to see a music interface developed here. I'd love to be able to sell my music and consider purchasing the work of others. The arts are a logical place to start. What would it take to get an store directly connected through Steemit going? I've already seen crypto Amazon-type things advertising and growing.. we should get on that! (says the VERY non-tech person) xx! Kay

I totally agree with you, a brother has an independent music label for a few years and it would be ideal if we could sell our music here, let's promote that project in some way.

Wish I knew how to effectively? Probably has to happen via discord.

If you take the initiative in discord you tell me to support you

That would be great!

Not active there yet, but I will have to keep it in mind!

might be worth checking out http://dsound.audio but also chatting to the coder behind it. you would probably make more in steem/sbd than the older models by putting your music decentralized.

they will come so rapidly we will be like wow, i have a feeling the first three months of the new year are gonna be a bit mental in terms of releases of services for steem.


Good news, and good discussions. exyle

the price has gone up as a lot of other coins went up. favorable, but nothing surprising there.
i think there must have been a trigger for some investors to realize the $1 floor of SBD which made their trades very attractive - especially given that it was just a tad above $1. virtually unlimited upside with protected downside. then more awareness comes and keeps the price where it is for different reasons. Such reasons include the superiority of the tech with no transaction fees, no bandwidth issues, 3 seconds confirms, etc. Lots of use cases for the 2 steem tokens people dont even talk about. You want to do peer to peer payments, you can use sbd... The steem guys are focused on the tech, building tools for others and they have a long term plan and vision. it will pay in the long term. certainly the wallet they are working on cannot come quick enough, same for HF20, SMTs, etc.
in the meantime all of us should keep spreading the word cause better content is needed to retain users who sign up. i am working on an app that will be focused on art for example.
let s go steem

You're absolutely right and this kind of potential snowball effect is one of the main reasons I invested in STEEM. Higher prices will drive more people here which will make everything more profitable which will in turn drive even more usage and so on and so on... It's possible that the STEEM price growth could go exponential once the ball really starts rolling

The Steem price spike has been incredible! It should definitely bring more people on-board!

oh.. I'd been following you couple of weeks because of your blockchain updates.

I just knew that you are an witness.. write below.. :)

Thank you for your witness vote!

My pleasure sir, you had the right for my vote as one of my witnesses. :)

I totally agree! I hope this will also encourage people to stay in the community and see more improvements in the future. Some predict that Steem will go up to USD 10 and SBD to USD 40!

sbd got low these two 3 days :( thats making me a little bit sad but i hope it will reach high again ! lets hope

The title sounds like something obvious and it’s great to see Steem development

I totally agree, With high SBD price, content creators are being paid no less than any publishing house, this will ultimately generate unique content, which will attract many new users to the platform, I am very sure that in 2018 Steemit is going to be very famous, competing with all leading social media platform .

There is so much potential here, we just need one big day of +50% price growth and the ball will really start rolling. I think many people in the crypto space still don't understand or know much about STEEM and the best thing to turn some heads is probably some rapid price growth

Remove emotions from your trading, and trade in a disciplined manner
Although the market has patterns and trends, it is not a living and breathing entity. She is not evil, neither loves nor hates you. Keep this in mind when making your decisions and remove emotions from your trading.

You may feel the need to "take revenge" from the market, keeping in mind all the times you have incurred the loss. You may feel that the "city" market for you is something comparable to all the sacrifices you made. But things are not so straight. Market movements occur as a result of many factors; they do not move in a particular way because they have personal reasons or motivations that drive them to move in one form or another.

@exyle dtub isn't working great but I am excited to watch. I guess I have a quick question or maybe I am not understanding. What incentive do developers have? How can they monetize any differently than creators/curators?

  ·  2 years ago Reveal Comment

I’m surprised it doesn’t receive more chatter. I post about it on crypto threads I’m on regardless, can’t be a bad thing to raise awareness!

All you have to do is wait :)

It’s going to be really interesting around the big SMT push.

Most peoples heads are turned by rapid price growth and that hasn't really happened for STEEM... yet

For what exactly?

most people I talked about said it is hard to understand how steemit works and with very little to do with steem outside of converting it to other currency

It's all part of the ecosystem. Right now is a really good time for altcoins to grow and flourish and steem is a very good example of that. Thanks to the high prices more and more people will be interested in joining steemit and that will be beneficial long term.

it really needs more markets which accepts steem instead of BTC, since people don't have much to do with SBD other than converting it

So true @exyle. Recently we are seeing a lot of new apps and services provided on the steem blockchain. This will not only attract better developers and content creator but also new users on this platform. BTW loved steemify.

With the high SBD price, Steemit is a content creators paradise at the moment.

Kind of funny when I think about what happened earlier today, so I introduced a user into steemit say a month back and he was reluctant to register but upon seeing the sudden increase in price of sbd and steem.

He had to dm me early this morning and told me he was ready and he had already registered just waiting for his account to be approved.

We just getting started sbd/steem to the stars, the moon won't be able to accommodate us any longer

  ·  2 years ago (edited)

Yes, the high SBD Price is a huge incentive to content creators to put in their best and get rewarded. But creators when rewarded should beware of instant gratification, rather that should think long term by powering up for more SP

Yeah, new creators being driven by that sbd price will start posting.
Frankly saying I can't give any explanation why did it jump so high.
And who buys all the sbd's right now from creators.

But it's a good thing. It's the golden age for making content on steemit.
Won't be surprised if it will be even better in the future.
Have fun, man :0)

Sorry, @exyle, I couldn't get the Dtube video to work either today or yesterday.

Could you try a little later and see if it works then. It normally takes a while for the video to 'spread' on IPFS.

I have had lot of trouble with D.tube lately.

Thanks for the suggestion.

Exactly. And with higher Steem price as well the content creator payouts increase in nominal value. Higher SBD with higher Steem has a compounding effect.

I agree with you, but the SBD price is supposed to be 1$. the effects of the high SBD price won't be gone when SBD will go back to 1$?

I was expecting it to return to $1 too but it actually looks possible now that that might not happen. Like @exyle says, $1 is just the minimum price, there is no upper limit

  ·  2 years ago (edited)

1 SBD is always worth 1 USD worth of STEEM. There is currently no upper limit. The market decides what it's worth.

Yes, for me its a wonderful, Beautiful and paradise community. I expect higher and higher the price of every cryptocurrncy. Thanks for sharing such a beautiful post, you are so inspiring factor for me, I had wished you Merry Christmas in yourother's [email protected] you a very beautiful time ahead friend happy steeming.

The price is lowering in both SBD and STEEM atm which is a shame, well especially for the SBD right now, and good points are made here @exyle more is going on that benefits the steem token.

Let us promote steemit to our friends and loved ones. This is one of the most sensible and beneficial websites in the world. Sbd and steem price is rising up so it is not too late for them to join.

I've already done this. They subscribe, write 1 article and give up.
Bunch of lazy b.....!

Well you've done your part. One day they'll regret for sure!

I got a lot of friends on board and even my own mom ( @clio)

@exyle Yes it is so exciting when I see Wallets like mine and Yours and others that have Tripled over the last 6 weeks. I know we are in the right place at the Right time....................

Yes but that value has pretty much just gone up with the crypto market as a whole, wait to see what will happen when everyone realises that STEEM is actually way better than most of the coins currently above it ;)

Sbd Price prediction please 20+ or 10- ? what you predict in the next 2 weeks

  ·  2 years ago (edited)

Yes Sir @exyle you are 100% true that Steemit is now become paradise for us, due to rise in prices of SBD & Steem. there is much excitements and happiness in whole community. i think next whole year is the year of cryptocurrency, and i feel that now i stay there with full job on steemit and left my permanent job. Thanks for update and always give right guidelines.
Stay Blessed forever.
Steem on.!

Lets get ready for the huge stream of newcomers on the way ! :)

  ·  2 years ago (edited)

yeah and really the higher value of steem and sbd make it more attractive and now the flood of new users and investors becoming in steem i think this thing is develop more it @exyle ..and it give the 10 time more profit to holders in only some month therfor the some investors attract here for hold thats also go high its value other wise steemit will go much high in next some months and also with it steem and sbd

I can only imagine how the beginning of 2018 will look like. I just feel it will go up much higher!

I'm excited about the rise in its price. It's a good incentive for everyone I speak to about joining steemit. A lot of them would say "that was how bitcoin started". Chatting with @timcliff, in his opinion he's so excited and hopes the price will keep going up. From my analysis on the SDB /USD 📈 the SDB has been testing a support level for some days now. I expect it to hold. I'm in love with the steem world @exyle. It brought me hope. As a student who takes care of all my personal expenses SBD has paid for a lot. I'm super excited.

As much as I like DTube, I think it needs to solve it's buffering problem first. If your content creation is video, you lose your potential follower and/or vote if the video doesn't play; the viewer will simply go elsewhere. Of course this comment is a reaction to your video which is giving me the ever revolving buffer wheel right now, but, I promise to try again later :)

It usually works better if you try to play it a little later. I do help seed the movie (like a torrent) at the beginning (as backup) but it's not always enough. I think the movie needs time to 'spread' over the IPFS network before it loads fast.

Watched again and got the whole video this time. I still have trouble playing my own videos a few days later. I'm certain this will eventually be solved. Thank you for your time. Greetings!

Lets not forget low volume i can barely hear any of the videos often promting me to turn off

That one is new for me; I have not had that experience when comparing sound of my DTube vids to the ones I have on YT. I hear/read that some folks solve many of their play back issues by trying other browsers. Chrome and Fire Fox are names that come up as ones that work better than some others; worth trying; they're free.

Im using chrome on android. If its not sound issues its buffering issues. Unfortunatly youtube always works great but is ran by a social justice warrior who censors more than a nazi!

I've always wanted to be a content creator but I mostly found myself sharing my 'content' on platforms that would never get me anywhere. This gave me little incentive to share my content on social media. When it comes to sharing even your thoughts, the term a penny for your thoughts plays well here. I can't think of anywhere that anyone can go to share thoughts by commenting or posting, sharing pictures, ideas, stories, art and so much more and make money from it. It is almost too good to be true. You almost have to get deals and special contracts with big firms to really monetize any content these days in a "before steemit" world. Steemit really gives anyone an opportunity to make money just by sharing their thoughts.

@exyle - The rising price of both SBD and Steem is a huge draw for both content creators, despite intrinsically SBD was supposed to be just $1 as I understand.

I had been encouraging friends (including a guy who quit professional photography because his efforts weren't fetching him enough to pay the bills, and a dedicated blogger who writes great content but earns nothing from it) to join steem but they seldom cared, but recently when I started talking about he actual renumeration I was getting from steem for my content ( and I even stressed on the fact that I was a minnow on steem), it seems they started seeing Steemit in a new light and wanted ot join too! Tangible rewards always grab people's attention like nothing else. Hoping to get more and more people on Steemit.

Certainly more incentive than lower prices

well done exyle , your Dtube videos are impressing !

Given the low amount of SBD on the market it will still be easily "pumpable" in the near future. So that will be fun for content creators, not sure how this affects the system's stability.

Just voted for you and @blockbrothers as witnesses. Great informational and motivating post!

Thanks for the support!

I have been quite surprised by the stability of the markets myself lately. I am sure last christmas (which was my first as a crypto investor) everything crashed and I felt quite hard done by lol!

STEEM BLOCKCHAIN is the most lucrative blockchain now and not to forget this is the first ever decentralized social media backed with a creyptocurrency called steem and I am sure by the end of 2018 steem value also be above 10usd.

Thank you.

Keeping in mind STEEM price is currently suppressed and would be much higher if several things had already been done (better onboarding, mobile apps across all OSs).

I can only imagine the price is actively suppressed at this time.

@exyle I absolutely agree mate, steemit encourages more quality content nowadays that SBD and STEEM price are going up! I made a story about how we as individual users can help push Steem to the moon! I'd appreciate it if you spent some time to read it! I just gave you my witness vote y the way! You deserve it for steemify and all you've been doing here on steemit.

Thank you in advance!

Thank you for your support of our witness!

higher sbd and steem will definitely incentivize more users and developers to the steemit blockchain platform. however, if the higher price of sbd and steem will eventually lead to people cashing out, then the steemit platform will see tons of short term volatility in terms of development and growth. overall, i'm optimistic on how steemit is developing.

Mark and the other @blockbrothers, what will you bring? You already managed a super app STEEMIFY ; so you Guys are into more.

Curious what that will be.
Anyway; the chain is “closed”, but open to be on it!

I've got no complaints. Though I am a bit spoiled from when SBD first shot up and I could buy 5 steem per sbd to power up. Since then I've been investing in other crypto's hoping steem will go down just a little bit, but maybe I'd better just suck it up and settle for 2.7 steem per sbd.

All we have to do is wait.

Btw, what do you think will happen to SBD? Because it's support to be valued at $. and it's valued at much more than that for about a month.
Is it going to be like that forever now? why it's happening? what causes that?
anyone knows?

1 SBD is always worth 1 USD worth of STEEM. There is currently no upper limit. The market decides what it's worth.

I'm so glad I found Steem! I've introduced a lot of people to it and everyone loves it, but it still has a lot more developing to do to get better, remember that somehow steemit is still in it's beta version!

sbd is truly might be on the top right now i don't know how good or bad is that the steem block chain will have higher developments due to this for sure

am really excited about the steem blockchain, i can confidently say the steem blockchain is the most active blockchain in terms of practical uses, we have dtube dsound dmania and a whole lot more, other crypto ride on hype of their future projects but steem is actually a project that is working.

Which of course benefits everyone that has Steem tokens.
Yeah future seems fantastic! I am awaiting to see SMT! Do you have any idea to create your own token like BlockBrothers (BB)! I think it's time to think about it bro!


Yes you are right... in the correct pace it's a snowball effect with all winners... When I started in june I felt I joined so late compared to you... But now 6 months laters I know that even I am early user...

Agree with your thoughts. And i really like to see STEEM price now)

happy holidays to you :)

interesting. If crypto trading and developement will increase in the way ti always was, i think we can be richer and richer :-D

Steemit need more account security, integrate with Google Auth and you are much better off! :)

Steem price increased just about the same time as vice coin announced it would be using the steem blockchain.

It's great to see the price has held since.

Steemit has a great feature, even the price of steem and sbd has a great effect making in steemians to create a good content

Stetem is by far the most undervalued crypto currency in my view!

Your advice on STEEM blockchain will be popular.

what can we do as individual users to increase the value even higher?

I am advertising Steemit, but it appears many prefer gambling lol

The app is superb. I can now surf Steemit and concentrate on others' content whilst monitoring my own account from my phone. So many thanks due to the developers.

The app is superb. I can now surf Steemit and concentrate on others' content whilst monitoring my own account from my phone. So many thanks due to the developers.

very good article

I totally agree

Exclusive analysis bro, i agree with you. Your post guide steemians a lot.

Good idea is very possible more works about steemit and blockchain

... Let the virtual garden of Eden open for all ...


i know i didn't watch the entire video but will it get harder to increase steem power or become a dolphin since there will be more competition?

its really nice post ,thanks for this information

I think higher the sbd the better! It will attract newcomers and gives small users like me encouragement not to give up :) Resteemed!

I am a little bit confused. It's awesome that the steemdollar is that strong right now, but isn't the sbd supposed to stay around 1usd?

Wow! Very Nice! <3

In the future, it will, therefore, be much easier to hire developers and pay for extra and better servers from these sources of income.. I hope it'll be like you said

help me please @exyle

My value has double just in the last week. I can't wait to start getting my videos up I'm dtube

sure it will, i just hope it keeps going higher and higher.

Hey exyle, Thanks for the great Content!

That is what make sense!
In my opinion, since the SBD and STEEM increase their value, a lot of people join the community, inclusive myself.

I'm quite new to this, but, since I know this platform and do so verification about Steemit authenticity, I believe that have a good potential!


Nice Post

Well investing in any good crypto would be good opportunity for the one who have patience to hold the fund till 2020

In present time steemit is one of the best site to earn some money. I think in future it will be the most popular blogging site.

Very good post!

Thanks for sharing..

Resteemes sir..


It’s leading to a lot of awareness already , imagine with the SMT come out , then what will happen . We might get even more spammers as well

The higher the SBD price content creators payout will increase.Am new here on steemit and am really enjoying it here,i think the higher the SBD and STEEM price will attract new users.Steemit is moving to higher level come 2018.

I absolutely concur, With high SBD value, content makers are being paid no not as much as any distributing house, this will at last create exceptional substance, which will pull in numerous new clients to the stage, I am certain that in 2018 Steemit will be extremely renowned, contending with all driving online networking stage...

Upvoted and Resteemed

nice job

well done exyle , your Dtube videos are impressing !

increasing steem sbd and steem is a batter decision to develop steemit. steemit is our future for real.
thanks for sharing @exyle

  ·  2 years ago Reveal Comment

Thats very true @exyle and these days steem platform is so busy as well because of higher payout.

So let's steem on....

  ·  2 years ago (edited)

Hopefully, we will see projects like dtube and asksteem get better and better. Servers are needed at dtube and steemit needs filters and a search bar, so let's hope that this surge in price of steem and sbd will help fixing and adding features.