Vlog 190: Another day, another correction. Diversify your portfolio to ride out the storms.

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Coinmarketcap doesn't look pretty today.

It's a red day across the board.

I tried to find a reason for this but I couldn't find it, except for some politicians calling for regulation again.

STEEM and SBD are both down around 25% but it has nothing to do with the Steem blockchain.

It's just crypto markets that are still so closely connected that they tend to go up and down like a wave.

I'm waiting for the day that this will no longer be the case. But that might be a while :)

So I consider it just another day to sit on my hands to ride out the storm.

Like I have done many times before.

I am very happy I took the decision 8 weeks ago to diversify some of my cryptos (BTC, ETH, and SBD) into fiat.

For 3 reasons, it now buys me time (to ride out the storm) and gives me peace of mind because I can pay my bills. And if things go low enough I can buy back in.

I talk about it more in my vlog.

I am a witness with our developer group @blockbrothers for the Steem blockchain. If you want to support us I would appreciate your vote here.

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We've just to stay calm and focus on the long term, I'm sure we have both been in crypto long enough that we've experienced many days like this. Hopefully the sell off was not caused by some indider knowledge thats yet to come out...

This is the hidden gem about steem. If you are focus on the community and have fun and earn reward, you are better situated to understand the ups and downs.
Keep on steemit.

Just another day in Crypt0 thats for sure @exyle. This is the time to accumulate more cheap Crypt0 before the next run. I expect things to turn around for BTC in February sometime. If you look at the charts from last year we had similar dips around this time. I placed my vote for @blockbrothers as well, good luck with everything brother you're doing great things here..

Thank you, your witness vote for us is much appreciated!

First of all, thanks you for the vote on our witness @blockbrothers. That helped us a lot. And second, yes indeed another day in crypto. I also do expect things to turn around although not sure about the timeframe. And for me this is where STEEM works better than any crypto because you can earn crypto here while the markets find their way.

Yes, time to get some coins. A lot of stock options expire this Friday so assume some big investors need the cash to cover.

Thanks for informations

Same here also, I woke up this morning just to check my blockfolio which I saw the market is totally red. But I believe it happens like that in a while and I am sure it will be green back.

I just convert some of my sbd to steem just to support a project. I remember, I learn on how to convert from you, in some moths back.
Thanks so much mark. You have being my steemit mentor since the first day I read your post.
Have a pleasant days ahead.

Mark, I saw @blockbrothers is in the top 50, on nr. 48
Congratulations, it is great you guys have come this far. I am really happy for you!

thanks, mom!

I really enjoy your videos and positive attitude. I wonder what is your target price you start to power down part of your STEEM? I personally would go totally mad if STEEM goes back to 1 USD after we had this huge increase to 6 -7 USD.

Thank you! Like I said I don't enjoy these corrections but they are part of crypto so I have to accept them. I would always choose positivity over negativity :)

i like your comment , you are so positive man .
feeling lucky to be a part of your community .

... these corrections but they are part of crypto so I have to accept them.

that sounds pessimistic .. or similar to "$1 is a reality we are facing."

STEEM will not go back to 1 USD!

Yes let's hope so, it would be hard to watch.

Nice that you go to fiat... I did not yet.. but maybe this is a good lesson for another time..

I went to fiat because I felt I was overextended in crypto after the rise.

Good decision..

Your vlogs / blogs really give me strength. I took lots of decision after following you and beleive me I got wonderfu results specially in cryptocurrency.
But honestly speaking, today I'm feeling bad. My bittrex is almost 30% down today. Although I know the reality but still as I'm human too so everything is connected with each other.
Thanks for your blog @exyle.

It's nice to see you staying positive :) I think it has to do mainly with rumor from China, about their government cracking down on Crypto. In general, there have seemed to be a lot of different stuff over the last few days, with the metropolitan bank, rumors in South Korea, and now rumors in China.
That being said, i woke up from a nightmare, and seeing my portfolio really didn't help my morning :)

this is going to be a hell of a ride for those who don't know how to handle these kind of pressure and will immediately better hold and forget :)

I was egarly waiting to your post, for the valuable information about the downfall of the prices of cryptocurrncy, as you are always optimistic, I am also remain the same. Thanks, risk is the greatest key to success so let's see what will happen. Thanks.

I really enjoy your videos and positive attitude. I wonder what is your target price you start to power down part of your STEEM? I personally would go totally mad if STEEM goes back to 1 USD after we had this huge increase to 6 -7 USD.

Thank you. I have no price target for power down. I think it's one of the most valuable assets in crypto. I would not know what to sell it for?

It's not fun, but it's not painful when you just learn not to pay attention. Like you say in the title: another day, another correction.

As long as all of crypto is priced in BTC, this will happen.

I've learned somewhat that the best strategy is to not look at the charts whenever there's a red sea going on.

I just focus on other stuff.

Sure, the red days are buy days, but if you're not looking to buy, staring at the prices going down just makes you depressed.

It's not worth it, crypto is still young and all prices will go up eventually.

Yes, I agree 100%. Do stuff to occupy the mind when you are not looking to buy is good advice. I'm not buying atm, even at these prices, it needs to go much lower (and if not that's ok to). Having some money on the sidelines gives me options and time.

I really wish that things will stabilized soon. The sudden crash really caught me off guard. But I will keep a positive attitude. Hopefully this is only temporary and steem will moon again.

such positivity

I try to be :)

I guess this corrections on the market have to be so much scarier for you after you quit the job... for me its just a hobby to have some crypto so I just hold and hope it goes up again :) congrats with your place in the top 50 of witnesses! Lets try to get to the top 25 now, I will vote too now :)

I did not quit my job entirely although, yes, I did let go of my 24/7 contracts. I still do not regret it.

Even if you diversified to all the cryptos you would get smashed.

Yes, this why I mitigated some risk into fiat.

A $700 billion bull run followed the last correction that was similar to this. There will be absolutely no problem. Panic sell is the only enemy here.

what a day total change around in the crypto totally down but as you said already diversified :)

This is exactly what I needed to hear today. Your vlogs make a lot of sense and actually you're totally right. You've just got to keep the faith. Also, yes! We actually get to earn crypto doing something we love. Thanks for this. Keep your vlogs coming!

Thank you!

i already diversified the portfolio and now i am not panicking too much this is a correction which has to come at some point its here finally but too much down for now hope it will be back up soon

@exyle friend as you do the conversion of crypts (BTC, ETH and SBD) in fiat. I would like to know a little bit about that way of changing them ... because when at some point I want to start generating a little income in the community I would like to keep that money very well saved in Fiat .... otherwise there will be some possibility that the videos you have on youtube may have some translation in Spanish .. ?? at least in letters of what fences commenting appears in Spanish below written .. !! hehehe and thank you very much for the help ..!

I only know it for the Dutch market. I use a company called bitonic to get in and out of crypto fast for a fee.

Yup, not a good morning for crypto investors but let's hope for the best! I guess the Chinese government has again called to regulate the market and that's the reason for this. Read somewhere on Steemit!

Great day to have liquid cash! There are all sort of unbalanced prices drops when trading in BTC pairs today.

@exyle I was wondering a couple days ago you posted some stats about the increased powering up. Those charts said they only included accounts actively powering down. Is there a way to see how much total Steem is tied up in SteemPower?

Out of 262 million STEEM, 197.5 Million is in SP at the moment.

First off thanks for your time! Love that you are one of the people who reply to comments and pass along useful information.

So that is pretty much like the other numbers from your previous post. Thought there was a note on the image saying it only included accounts in powerdown. Maybe I misread it.

Since you seem to be able to wrap your head around this and convey it the best of anyone I follow, with the SMT's is there an idea of how much steem a person will need to launch? Trying to figure out the Supply Demand issues that will apply with what could either be a game changer or a nonevent based on how much Steem is needed to move forward with an SMT.

Shopping time 😍

Yes - the pain is more when the value gets higher. I try to think of it as monopoly money. The key is to not care if it goes to zero.

Mark, Yesterday we had Blue Monday; today we have Red Tuesday. Should we ask @kalemandra to change the ColorChallenge 😉


Well only way to survive during crypto crash is to have a positive attitude.

But also patient is needed..
My brother is really positive, but too impulsive..
I'm little bit less positive(but still positive) and absolutely patient..

And most of all, i strongly believe in blockchain future! :)
That's my secret to remain calm.. :D

patient is important indeed.

This was actually good time to buy altcoins. I bought some AST, WAX and PIVX. I am eating breakfast because once my wife looks out bank Account she will put a cryptoban on me the way China did on centralized exchanges.

If you are trading cryptos, than today is a bad day as you will be losing money. If you are investing it does not matter (or is even positive if you continue to invest more) because all that counts is the price in some distant future but not the price today. I myself have also found no reason why the market is tanking, but hearing that people have borrowed money to invest this is no wonder. It has happened before.

@exyle Always giving you the TRUTH in up or down markets. The best people to listen to on Crypto are the ones that have been around for years, not the ones that have just gotten involved and think they know it all............................

Hello Dear @exyle I really liked your posts I'm watched your videos YouTube very information videos

Glad to see BTC falling. True, altcoins are taking a dip but they will rebound. BTC is long dead and this shows.

Reading your post only is enough for me to learn every day... Thanks sir @exyle

This is the time to buy more. Buy crypto when its on sale, is what i always say.

Hello friend see this post and make a post for the steemians with doubts please :


Oh yes, today is a red day on the stock exchanges and as you correctly noticed, my friend, all the coins went down. I think that the reason for everything is a decrease in the Bitcoin rate due to negative news from China and Bitcoin generally tugged everyone down. Of course, I also believe that it will not be long and all will revive, because this is not the first time. Thank you Mark.

@exyle your business sense is genius. You indirectly gave me a clue as to what to do next. Thank you.

it's those darn Koreans and their unfounded embargo rumors XD

Cryptos are meant to move in a wave, good news gives higher valuation and vice versa, good to buy the dips I guess

I heard the reason for the correction is because the Asian markets are going into holidays. Apparently it dips this time of year in the past too. Do you know anything about that?

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A new day, a new life :)
The rate will soon grow

Why are so confident that it will grow soon?

Believe, it will be so

I don't mean to be rude or something like that, but your comment and the response to my question, makes me to believe that you don't understand a financial market and investment business at all.

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The green will come back soon enough. In the meantime, it's discount season for all the coins, happy shopping everybody :)

Can you explain why are you so confident in that?

The green will come back soon enough

can inspire someone, who lack investment skills to follow you and buy it now, and loose money in equal probability than earn it.
When you make your statement, at least include a little argument or expertise in it.

Everybody is responsible for their own money and their own actions. If I want to explain something in detail I write a post about. Peace.

awesome, i love your post... its incredible...

Now we have to understand crypto market is like a pendulum .how much it goes up it will be right back to its previous place ,so no need to panic watch the video & enjoy.

For 3 reasons, it now buys me time (to ride out the storm) and gives me peace of mind because I can pay my bills. And if things go low enough I can buy back in.
Nice thought, the world of Cryptocurrencies is amazing and need wisdom to deal with

This is the best post in Steemit..🔥🔥🔥 voteup :)

Thanks for the video, you are so energetic! Hopefully, sbd will increase again.

Thank you for the information

My permission follows you and I'm new to steemit expecting your vote to help me

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i want writing on utopian and upload photo on dtube

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Along with having a diverse portfolio having the the will to hold during times like this is crucial.

yes, I agree.

Positive thoughts.we are waiting for the high times here

Sir your story awesome ..Really amazing post.

You should always diversify your portfolio and not put all the eggs in the same basket.
For me that is just getting on to this with crypto, I enjoy seing the price goes down so I can buy in more for less, but understand that some people might have a hard time sleeping.
But I'm sure this tide will turn!

I've said it before, and I will say it again: Too much Monkey Business! Since when do Ham, Cheese, Toilet Paper and Peanuts all crash at the same time? BTW, those same politicians and bankers that want to call crypto ficticious should keep in mind that there is no law compelling us to pay tax on something that is fictitious, nor is there a law that grants them the right to regulate said fictitious items. They can't have it both ways and expect to retain any shred of credibility.

These storms are just discounts in disguise :)

The future brings much gains. Great positive attitude, as always. However; with your posts alone, I doubt you have to worry about paying bills :P Just vlog about it, bills paid.

Carnage! I wish I had cash to buy some neo and eos with!

I wouldn’t be surprised if there is a bit of manipulation going on here, we are trying to build a new paradigm on top of an old one which is a very messy process...

we ll survive the hard times..hope the times will be good very soon :)

Regardless of the reason for a correction, when it is time to happen, it will.
I wrote about the possibility just hours before it began in my post The Beginning of the Correction?
Scoop up some discounts if you're a longer term investor or just new in the space.

hello dear @exyle,I very like your post .

I'm pretty worried that the price of SBD will go back to 1 USD again.
I want SBD to be worth 10 USD again :(

Lets hope for the best and get through the storm!

These corrections are hard to watch, but ultimately, when I started on steem, about 3 months ago, steem and SBD were both valued at about 1 USD, so even though their prices are going down right now, I still win!😁

yeah i was also examine the crash in crypto and yes couldn't find any main reason like you have said , but i believe it will go high and higher in few days again .
and yes i'm following since last 5 days and you are doing great job and you are letting us inform about every crypto news.
thanks for giving your precious time in this regard.
i'm also a big fan of you and your follower.
want to be a steemian like you one day...


Hallo @exyle ....I really enjoy your videos and positive attitude. I wonder what is your target price you start to power down part of your STEEM? I personally would go totally mad if STEEM goes back to 1 USD after we had this huge increase to 6 -7 USD.

The past 2 hours was a blood slaughter... before that it was just dripping red.. then the flood came but I think now the bleeding has slowed and there is a little green on coinmarketcap.com but for how long and how high it can go I have no idea... but for the people that had money and bought at these low prices , a huge contrags , and for the ppl that held and did not sell all HODLs to you.... remember... sell high and buy low.. Lets all go up from here..

with that i think sbd will go back to the dollar mark i think huge correction this is not for faint hearted people

I think this is just a correction and an opportunity to buy more bitcoin/altcoins. Soon bitcoin will rise to 20K and over. Have a great day ahead :)

this time in light of the fact that your post looks great to me. I see your post okay. I extremely like your post.

Hope you didn't lose too much today. Good video and a positive attitude.

Yes, I think you're right, we should diversify our portfolio and wait a little bit.
But everything will be alright with Bitcoin and with steem.
it's just a casual correction! :)

Thank you always for coming to us with all that is new and wonderful, good luck brother @exyle . Can you view the articles I publish, I hope you like it

its backs up as an individual the best thing about crypto it gives freedom to explore more opportunities in life i just love crypto for that thing this is just a little downfall will be up soon

Communists and capitalists both want to control money because money is power. Crypto currency is dangerous to them because because of decentralisation and anonymity.
They will use the argument of fighting terroriam and mafia to attack crypto. And the sheep media will go along with that no questions asked. The issue of human rights like privacy won't come up even 1 time unless 1 steemer brings it up. One day they will want to install a chip in bank notes, coins and walleta so that when you give someone cash in hand it registers in some central bank computer. Then you end up being spied on and or raided because some criminal asked you to exchange a 20.

Capitalism means free trade. Free as in voluntary. You only control your own money in capitalism.

Diversifying is always the best strategy, glad to know you took right decision at the right time... I guess this is another great opportunity to buy your favorite coins at cheap price...

It is the bread of another's death. Don't know if that proverb works in english though

Yes, everything is red , bloood bath .but its a good time to make profit infact i already did

I was become a FOMO victim last week and I start to lost money. Its a rough day for me, my bill are coming one of these day.

steem will be super quickly back up but i am having doubt with sbd now the supply is increasing drastically

Man pontificating about investing in crypto currencies admits that he cashed in at the height of the boom.

Nah, It's fine even though it gets on your nerves a little. It should've happened anyways because BTC grew too fast and it's not healthy.
So I think that the more swings we see the better for a healthy growth.

Not a good day for the crypto, but let's hope things get better soon.

its time to buy it will be interesting to buy at the dips and sell at the highs i love the dips game :)

Yep....Its not good today to more cryptos. BTC, ETH, EOS etc...all ones down from high percentage. Its down more some government regulations. Too bad situation. This is a time for buy and pay some bills use cryptos. Waiting to see next rise up.

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Stuff and Stay Blessed!You are really a good script writer
I appreciate it once again that I understood where I should see what you wrote this post.It's Interesting post,
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turning some profit into fiat is always good you never know which side of the swing will hit the market so better be safe and in profit :)

I nearly had a heart attack seeing SBD rate I wanted to pay a few bills but what I saw was too dropping 4???

It's ridiculous but what can I do, I just have to keep watching out, thank you for this

Excellent video friend and i must say that trying to stop crypto growth is just like trying to stop rain impossible, it's true such dips are part of cryptos and we see many times before such dips happens so i think it's time to buy back again on dips and then hodl and wait because cryptos has so much potential and bright future ahead and we surely see more green days in near future, thanks for sharing your nice thoughts with us, Friend, Stay blessed.

Coinmarketcap doesn't look pretty today.

It's a red day across the board.

I checked it too and it is blood bath everywhere.
It's such a cringy situation and it'll sure cause a lot of panic and selling. The wise ones will use the opportunity to buy tho.

I am very happy I took the decision 8 weeks ago to diversify some of my cryptos (BTC, ETH, and SBD) into fiat.

I wish I had done this too, but I didn't.
Now my portfolio looks so ugly, but I'll motivate myself, relax and remain calm. I will HODL and it'll pay off later.

Thanks for sharing this with us.

Happy Steeming

I hope the crypto money will rise again soon

Always valuable man! Thanks!

yes we can't stuck on its price tey may vary as its prediction in 2018 it will goes upto 20

i am not worrying about the low prices infact seems a beginning of a new bull run again :)

STEEM is better than the others but we need to do the right analysis :) very good vlog thanx

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