Vlog 153: Watch out with exchanges when sending Steem/SBD. Poloniex is currently broken.

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Do not send any Steem or Steem dollars to Poloniex.

They will not be deposited at this time.

I have 50 SBD 'stuck' myself.

Right now an SBD is worth $12 so it's $600. That's a decent sum of money.

I do consider this money gone as I always do with any crypto of which I don't own the private key.

In case the SBD does come back I'll let you know.

Bittrex works but also be careful here. In the past, their wallet has broken down too.

Send small amounts per transaction is what I would recommend.

If you want to buy Steem with your SBD use the internal Markets.

$0.15 SBD = 1 STEEM.

@s3rg3 has written a post about how to do use the internal markets. here.

Update on Steemify

The Beta of the app has been approved but the final version (for in the store) bounced on review. Apple wants us to provide a username and password.

Which is interesting because our app only uses Steem usernames for notifications.

Our dev is in contact with Apple to solve this.

I did make a small video update of the app not long ago.

Here it is if you missed it.

I have recently become a witness with our developer group blockbrothers for the Steem blockchain. If you want to support us I would appreciate your vote here.

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i read before poloniex had some problem too look into dragoua https://steemit.com/steemit/@dragosroua/poloniex-steem-wallet-hacked

so now its better to just use internal market as u said. I hate that in dtube they dont add play button in thumbnail so people will know what this is video not some photo:(


Good suggestion about Dtube. I'll think about ways to make it more clear.


hello I am new and I do not understand much of this help 😵😵

  ·  last year (edited)

Great brv i do like the layout and it will be a great hit once it hits both the android and ios .Best of luck blockbrothers :)
and thanks for the suggestions about SBD & Steem buddy !

Thanks for the warning I hate how often this seems to be happening especially during critical times once again Poloniex argh! Thank you for sharing @s3rg3 post I was looking for some info on this myself I will go read it now @exyle

I didn't intentionally stay up late but I couldn't sleep for at least a couple of hours after I went to bed, these are crazy times in the crypto world!

Sorry to hear that about your app, I hope it gets out soon. The hole poloniex mess is also annoying, things like this creates distrust in crypto. At least we can enjoy the steem prices :)

Wow!!, well done @blockbrothers, with this video you made @exyle, it really show you guys have really done well on the app. 👍
I can't just wait for the app to be available on store.

You are absolutely right, my friend, I already have a deposit of SBD on Polo for almost two days. By the beginning, I thought that I was the only one and the only problem was with me, but now I see that this is a common problem and it's sad. I hope that everything will be resolved soon! Thanks and look forward to the deposit :)


Yeah, I heard many are having problems.

In the past I have noticed that poloniex seems to process the transfers when the price settles which is quite useless. It's very annoying, as you say, it's currently quite a lot of cash!


It a bucketload of cash. I just see it as the sign of the universe to buy more Steem on the internal exchange :)

Excellent video and well that's true my friend I'm suffering the same right now and I feel your pain. i am big fan of poloniex before so after watching your video yesterday then i decided to check it out by myself and i sent some steem and SBD's to poloniex exchange and shit man i won't able to receive any steem or SBD yet in exchange and neither they gave any reply to my support ticket yet, you are right might be their wallet got broken or some bug and yes nobody knows how much time it takes to get fixed, so i am deciding to leave the poloniex at this time and will use other exchanges, it's nice to hear that beta version of the app has been approved and i hope we soon see steemify becomes available on store, wishing you all the best for all of your future endeavors! my friend, Stay blessed.

I have the same problem. I'm waiting for money from Polonix for the second day

Good heads up. I'm currently holding no SBD to begin with, but even if I were, I'd expect this to be the case.

Let's see if things get smoother, but everything is bonkers right now.

Resteemed, hopefully people see this and be careful.


It's mental atm in crypto indeed. I hope Polo gets it's act together soon but knowing them it might be a while.

So, bittrex is better than poloniex ?


Not better or worse. Every exchange should be approached with a healthy amount of caution. Remember you don't own your crypto on an exchange it's just a ledger entry.


i thought about that before. went to an event and few people said that.


Bitshares and Openledger are better,
using bittrex and poloniex is going to bite you in the ass eventualy...

I heard of issues from people trying to do arbitrage transactions using Steem/SBD on different exchanges. Thanks a lot for the warning though. I can swear Poloniex always seems to have a recurring problem with Steem transactions.

Always be careful indeed.. unbelievable he how the price of SBD has gone up... I guess most already traded when it was $2.. You get surprised each day.. Love the Steemify app. used daily and is better then opening the esteem app the whole day.. it's a bit addicting this steem platform..

There seems to be more exchange traffic than ever at the moment, keep reading of users having issues in various places. Wonder if they'll be able to scale or if it'll just be mania for the near future!


now with christmas is coming problems of scale everywhere, kittens destroyed etherium and with bitcoin going up, exchangers have problems too :D


Be interesting to see if this develops into a bit of a narrative in more mainstream sources. At the moment, you're just hearing about this exploding currency, but soon you may start to hear about the challenges currently surrounding it.

Perfect break out update @exyle. I'm so excited and enjoying with steem dollars now. It's keep going remarkable mooning. But you gave us best advice. Better for convert to steem or power up. More profit can earn from via internal exchanges only this time because other exchangeable sites has big traffic now when more peoples trying exchange.

I guess from now on more people will save some SBD for when the Market is right to sell. Nice!

Dank je wel om ons te informeren! Daardoor gunnen we het je nog meer dat jij alles gewoon in je wallet krijgt!!!!

Plenty of cryptocurrency traders are not too amused with Poloniex right now. This popular altcoin exchange suffered from several brief outages yesterday. And if these problems continue, Poloniex will quickly lose its market position.@exyle

SBD value is going crazy.

  ·  last year (edited)

@exyle I love this advice and I like that SBD will buy you ever more STEEM....

Thanks for this warning, I hope they come back soon

Where exactly can we buy sbd with bitcoin?

i hear poloniex sucks because when you put in your crypto it steals it from you like a vending machine you put a dollar in it just takes without giving you anything. i hear bitrex is good because they take all kinds of currency.
idk much about G-Dax but that is all the ones i know

I also did not receive money for Poloniex. . I still hope, maybe it's a failure, he did not let me down. Now after your post, I have a doubt. Can not the money come?

COINBASE!!!! you know why i think is good? because it has a lock sign next to the url plus its green. those are two easy signs to know if a website is secure just like bank of america website.

I recommend exchanging your SBD to. USD using Payza, its pretty fast and reliable. Currently it's 1SBD = $10.96 USD


oh my god. dude i should have done 50/50 but instead i go 100% power up. wow i feel stupid. i could have cashed out when i had the chance.

Peoples trying to exchange SBD to steem and BTC in poloniex and Bittrex currently and so happend huge traffic and tough condition. Also break down those exchange sites. In fact internal exchanges better as you told from this vlog. poloniex always occured error while messages.
Really awesome steemfy app and now it working on Apple phone you told. Great work @exyle.

Thanks for the update exyle.I learn many tips,keep it up.I upvoted your post.

crazy crazy crazy right? thanks for the heads up!!

thanks for information on steem that polonex n bittex are broken down .

Great video thanks for giving great advice.

I lost 1 bitcoin at Poloniex . Be very careful using this site never use the API for anything!
Support is useless!

12-Th? I'm just in shock. I'm beginning to regret that I sold six.

Nice post @exyle, you did a great job by sharing. Steem on

those SBD that being deposited to poloniex, is there a chance to recover?

I love your all Dtube Video @exyle

My 21sbd also are stock, still waiting on it at poloniex for 22 hours.. :(

nice video man, thanks for sharing..

thanks for the new blog. that is great post..

Thanks for this up-to-date information exyle. Have to remember not to use Poloniex for now.

Uh, boooh to your 50 SBD being stuck!
Thank you though @exyle for sharing this information! Excellent!! <3

seems like poloniex hate sbd and steem haah

Thanks for sharing this update and saving my money i will not send it to bittrex

Thanks for the heads up. I'm not using Poloniex anymore because there have been so many rumors. Bittrex works fine, but "luckily" I only have small amounts to send anyway, but yes, those small amounts can be quite big amounts at the moment.


... and just voted for @blockbrothers as witness - I really like my steemifications! :)


Poloniex support is worse too no replies what so ever i fear them

Its not just with Steem :( especially Exodus wallet has super high fees :(

bittrex seems to be working at the current moment

Awesome.. Thanks for the info...

$0.15 SBD = 1 STEEM.

time to build up more steem :)

Wow!!, nicely accomplished @blockbrothers, with this video you made @exyle, it absolutely show you men have absolutely executed well on the app. 👍
I can't simply watch for the app to be available on keep.

poloniex and steem blockchain still a better story than romantic tales hahah

Thanks for the heads up.. I posted to help get the word out too brotha!

Issues being reported depositing to Poloniex

I hope you can recover your SBD. As a new user I did not know I could send SBD outside of steemit. Could have sworn I read that I couldn't. Thanks for warning us!

coinbase too halted trading for btc i think this is due to very very large amount of volumes that are coming in form of orders

my transfer is still pending more than 3 days gone poloniex sucks a lot

time to buy steem if we have sbd that's the best thing to do right now

i just my poloniex seems something phisy with poloniex

"If you want to buy Steem with your SBD use the internal Markets."
Yeah I am using it! I think it's the best way to deduce the panic that can be happened while high market fluctuations! Hope you will get your Polo stucked SBD soon!


Thanks for the update, and learning more from this

SBD $12

Thats NUTS !!!