Steem practical examples - #1 - How to buy Steem Monsters BETA packs on Steem-Engine and save money!

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Yesterday it hit me that my understanding of Steem might be very different from someone else.

As a witness with @blockbrothers, I spend an insane amount of time per day on this chain and because I'm also a heavy user of the blockchain itself I know a lot of practical info about all the Dapps.

I believe I'm 95% up to date about most projects most of the time 24/7.

I wanted to share this knowledge with the rest of the community and the world in a better way.

I've been thinking about the best way to approach this and the only format I can think of is video.

Video is what is consumed by the masses and because we have so many apps that make a good showcase it seems to be the way to go.

I always like to combine a teaching moment with something practical too.

This is my first attempt.

To showcase Keychain, Steem-Engine and Steem Monsters I decided to combine the three and show you how you can buy BETA packs on Steem-Engine for a discount compared to buying them in the Steem Monster store itself.

Even if you don't play Steem Monsters yourself it can still be useful to watch because the same process of sending tokens is also used in other applications.

This is my first attempt at a practical example video. Any advice on improvements is highly appreciated.

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Cool! exyle steem stuff tutorials, great plan. Love to see this turn into a professional production with easy to find past tutorials, or just keep make better remakes if you run out of stuff :)

I do hope to make them a little bit more pro! Will take me some time.

I do hope to make
Them a little bit more pro!
Will take me some time.

                 - exyle

I'm a bot. I detect haiku.

I think so i start to play this game . Every steemian is playing it except me i think so. I am the kind of dinosaur on STEEM who act different. Lol. 👍

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added it to my daily digest! great clear video!

Thanks, man!

@exyle the trusted source for all things Steem. Stay awesome and stay useful!

Thank You Mark @exyle for showing us the process. I feel like I learned some more about Steem Engine and How to buy packs in the Future with the tokens...............

I'm happy to hear you got something out of it!

Great tutorial man and the video was quite useful for me as well, I didn’t know about BETA tokens! Really clean to watch to be honest, the only thing you could do is maybe lower the background music and put an intro and outro before the actual tutorial, it would be nice and smooth 😁

It’s amazing to see how intuitive is getting to use all these tools, @aggroed and the rest of the team are doing an amazing job really!

Waiting for more tutorials 💪💪

From what I hear from the feedback I got from everyone, I'll most likely get rid of the music straight up.

I'll see if I can get a short transition animation between me and the tutorial.

The tools are amazing. Really happy to have all these guys onboard Steem.

Thanks man!

Thank you @exyle for your informative post. You asked about feedback in the beginning of the video. Please find some suggestions from a practical point of view:

  • I would provide a summary of the steps that you showed. This could be in the form of a graphic (flow chart) and/or a bullet point recipe-type description. the graphic will provide an overview (allowing people to grasp what it is you are doing) where the bullet-point list allows people to try it without having to look at your video whilst doing it. In this way, it becomes more of a resource to fall back onto (this is nice considering that videos may not be available to users for ever).

Just my thoughts. i hope they are helpful. Bests, Edgar.

Thanks for the feed back, man!

Thanks for your excellent review on practical . I ts really great post for steem monsters

Thanks for doing this. Left a comment on your YouTube channel. We should all comment on YouTube, as its a good way to make more people aware of Steem, then hopefully they'll start using DTube :)

Saw you comment, thank you!

If anyone wants to learn I don´t know many people involved in STEEM that can do it better than you. Not only do you have the knowledge of almost everything, but you also have years of experience.

Very nice. I will have to check this out when I get a chance. I was knocking around Steem Engine yesterday trying to decide what I wanted to do with my tokens that I am accumulating after having delegated to Steem Monsters. I am trying to save up for one of the 100% legendary potions right now.

Those 100% potions are expensive! Takes a while! I went for the 50% ones :)

Yeah this is great. More tubers just putting their stuff on YouTube to get more people in here.

Also a great idea just leaving the video screen without yourself you can't see the game and just put some fullscreen cuts inbetween.

Uuhhm I have one guy who is all over the YouTube with all sort of tips I just linked the last video of him.

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I'll check this guy out! Thanks, man! a lot of free music.

also had no idea about this way of buying packs.

The video is fine as it is. Well explained and clear instructions.

I think intros are pretty annoying and a waste of time. Go with the format you have maybe invest in a lapel mic as there is a slight hollowness in the room.


I got a decent mic (RODE -NT-USB), but I did notice the hollow sound too. I'll see what I can do about that.

Thanks for the tutorial on this

I've been slowly buying up Beta packs very cheap on Steem Engine and now also on Tron Watch Market I now have almost 2500 packs which i was able to get for anywhere from 30% - 50% off the retail price.

Sometimes I open a few when i'm feeling lucky (though I never seem to get anything good!) but mostly I'm just going to hodl until after they sell out.

2500 packs! Man, that's a lot! I opened 50 today. I got 1 Legendary summoner. I'm also not too lucky it seems. Therefore, I normally buy the cards straight up. It seems to work better for me.

You might want to put the videos on YouTube too maybe? So the content remains available in the long run too...

They are on youtube!

Even better... Ignore me!

You did a great job @exyle! I'm playing Steem Monsters and I didn't know about this possibility... Also, your video was smooth and very understandable for everyone...
Keep these kind of video coming!

Thanks, man!

We do often forget that many new users need tutorials like this to get them started and engaging. Great job on combining a few key aspects!

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More please. Another thing I had no idea about, and I play Steem Monsters daily. Now I can afford 1 or 2 packs daily instead of 1 every other day. :)