Vlog 400: Where I believe Steem is going long-term. Steempower as a great investment tool.

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I talk freely about where I think Steem is going.


Steem Monsters successful STO offering ($100k) + adding the Tron userbase.
Steemhunt completes last IEO and will be listed on an exchange soon.
The distribution of Steem.
The linear reward curve and why it brought us amazing projects.
Why SMT's are needed after MIRA.

I didn't even realize it was my 400th vlog.

Been quite a journey tbh.

Steem on!

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Man! 400 vlogs!! True leadership sir. That’s quite an accomplishment!!

This has been a crazy week on Steem and while some of this news took so many by surprise...I love the outlook!!

Once people understand how powerful the investment side of steem power is...It’s going to change so much!

Best potential investment ever?? lol I hope so!

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400 vlogs! That's amazing! Congratz friend!




are you still having christmas stuff hanging in the background?


O no! Never realised it was still there. Will remove it.

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As a Steem Power holder, it's Christmas everyday 🎁


Lol! Maybe it should stay there now :)

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Yep, and in only 8 months it's Christmas again ^^


leave it saves time for the next time :-)


Check inside for HUNT tokens!

Great vlog man, I can feel some positivity returning and excitement about the years ahead. Congrats on making it to 400!

Truly appreciate your continuous contribution making our Blockchain a better everyday


Thank you!

congrats on video 400! :)


Thanks, man!

Congratulations 🎉🎊🎈🍾 to your 400th vlog. It takes consistency to reach such a landmark.

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Wow 400! That’s an accomplishment!! 🙌🏼🙌🏼

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There is a slight contradiction here, because the projects you mention that offer great returns on investment, are built around content creation. Upvotes are integral to Dlike, Steemhunt and the rest - so as an investor in SP I don't see the importance of my upvote dwindling very much, although its value may fall if I choose to delegate more SP.


Yes true, from the delegations Steem will also flow back to content creators/providers that produce content for that particular project.

Congratulation to your 400 vlog on STEEM. Let's hope for best and see more thing's from you dude .

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Great Vlog @exyle!

You mentioned a 20% return for delegating to steemmonsters, could you link me to a post where they talk about that??


I talk freely

As opposed to all the previous blogs where you were under duress ?


Yes! At gunpoint.


that's how you end up with 400 Vlogs !!

Thanks for the update! You make it easy to understand!

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400🤩 wow! That's a great number. Kudos. I enjoy reading your post.

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400 vlogs on the card wow what a great journey sharing exciting things about steem and cryptos it has been : )

Congrats on the milestone! That is really impressive. I am excited to see where Steemit is heading. The new projects that the community will be voting on for Steem Alliance soon have a lot of potential I think. I just wish I had accumulated more Steem Hunt tokens when it was easier to do so.

As more DApps get built on the #Steem blockchain, the more the case for HODLing Steem Power, as you say. @exyle
Image from @TimClff’s It’s time to start paying attention to Steem.
Now, when are the SMTs coming? @ned @andrarchy @steemitblog

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Congratulations for your blog 400.
Steemit is a great platform, it's the best I've known in terms of social networks. Besides being a blessing to me. Could you make a publication of what you announced here in Spanish? It does not matter that it is not video, something written to find out everything, the title is interesting and what I could read too ... (please).
Thank you very much and have a Happy Day!

Congrats 400 videos is quite a lot!!!

I can't believe that my Lowly Steemmonsters were Able to Knock The Master out of a Tournament. I know it was only BRONZE Level............

Congraaaaaaats 400 Vlog ! ♥♩♬♬

stopping by thanks to @nathanmars resteemed !

thanks for sharing Vision !

Stacking with PowerUp SP
and Delegation is Virtuous Cycle for #steem ♨ On !

also Neeeeeeed SMT to Come True !

Have a Great Day ! :) 💙

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Thats a great achievement