Vlog 184: Use Steemconnect to login to busy.org with your posting key + Red markets + Jamie Dimon turns around somewhat.

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Steemconnect is slowly becoming more and more integrated into the steem blockchain.

Website: https://v2.steemconnect.com

What is Steem connect?

SteemConnect is a simple identity layer built on top of the Steem blockchain that allows you to connect to authorized apps in a secure and convenient way.

Securely manage your wallet, check your activity, and connect to services without giving up your password.

To interact with the Steem blockchain you have several options. You can use your posting key, active key or owner key and they give less or more permissions.

I always log in as much as I can with my posting key. With this key, I can only upvote, comment and post content. I can not transfer any funds.

This is a super secure way to login in because when this key gets compromised in any way the 'hacker' can't use it to transfer any of my funds.

In case it does get stolen I can always use my owner key to change my posting key.


Now sometimes you need to use your active key if you want to send STEEM or SBD or change settings on your profile page.

This is where you need to pay attention. Because when this key gets compromised any liquid funds can be taken from your account straight away and also a power-down can be started.

Steemconnect will take this worry away in the future and more and more services are integrating it.

In fact, @blocktrades announced today that they have implemented it on their site blocktrades.us

Still (and rightfully so) some are pretty nervous (myself included) to use their active key with any third party so I would suggest you test Steemconnect first with your posting key to get a 'feel' for it.

Test Steemconnect with your posting key at busy.org

After talking to Fabien (from busy.org) last night I would suggest you try Steemconnect first with your posting key. You can do that by going here:


Login here with your username and posting key.

If you then go to busy.org and press login you will notice that you are automatically logged in to busy.org. (with filling in any password).

Busy.org is another frontend (just like steemit.com) that you can use to communicate with the Steem blockchain.


One of the cool features of busy.org is that you can play d.tube video straight from the site.

It's a great alternative to steemit.com and I suggest you give it a go!

It will enhance your understanding that the STEEM blockchain is not just Steemit.com but data that can be accessed by many different frontends and apps.

I am a witness with our developer group @blockbrothers for the Steem blockchain. If you want to support us I would appreciate your vote here.

We build Steemify a notification app for your Steemit account for iOS.

Get it Here:

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Busy.org actually already became the main platform that I´m using to access the Steem Blockchain. It´s working smoothly and got an nice interface that´s easy to use. I honestly haven´t been a big fan of its first version but the new one is really amazing :)


The work they have put in this new version is incredible.

But I have saved (or logged in) steemconnect with my master key, so whenever I hit log in to any app that uses steemconnect it automatically logs me in. So I am not sure which key it's using. If a application asks for posting key then will steemconnect automatically takes my posting key to log in??


Personally, I would never use my master key to log in anywhere. There is no need to use it unless you want to change other keys.


Is that so? but why they ask for the master key then? Like on utopian, I have to log in with my master key, that's why saved it(and might have selected loggin in always as well). Can we also log in on steemit with our posting key only?


Your active key should be enough for Utopian. And yes, you can log in to steemit.com with your posting key. I would always recommend this.


Thanks for this information.One last question, can I change my master key or not? I went to the option change password but then I can also see a line

The third rule of Steemit is: We cannot recover your password.

I am kinda confused.


Yes, you can. Here: https://steemit.com/@katteasis/password. Make sure you are 100% awake and know what you are doing. Changing your master key and creating a new one will also change your posting and active key.


Thanks a lot 👍🏻


Your publications at the level always benefit from them @exyle


"Make sure you are 100% awake and know what you are doing. "

Clearly I must be awake enough to know I don't know what I'm doing - Joined Jan 3 and never heard of posting or active keys!! Which clearly one should be using 99% of the time

This kind of knowledge blackhole isn't Steemit's fault it's the nature of the beast. Too much too fragmented and not enough time to take it all in.

When MIT runs Steemit101 we will know it's made it

Yr post is essential reading. Sadly like most of real value that flies around on Steemit it will not reach as many who need it as it should.

Thanks for your useful posting ;)

Wow!!, this really great, I also saw it this morning that blocktrades has start using the steemconnect method for transaction of steem dollar and steem.
Now I just gat to know about steemconnect on another function with busy.org, this really great man. Thanks for sharing.

Crypto security is of paramount importance, this piece of information must be taken seriously. Thanks @exyle for the the hard work.

Busy throws a post an upvote if it is posted from there with one of the tags as busy too! I have used steemconnect regularly. It's very swish. It is exactly the kind of integration we need

One more thing btw @exyle, not sure you can't do anything but I want to report this to someone in order to see if it's just my account or a bugg.

When I'm under Rewards in my profile, my reputation is down to 25, my background image and my own "text" disappears.
Looks like this:

Again sorry if I should not address you with this issues, but I thought you might know the right people to tell this to, or already know the answer to it.


Many and I have noticed the same. If you refresh the page it will correct at some point. But it will come back every time you go there. I'm sure this will be fixed soon.


Thanks for the info @exyle! :)

Thx exyle.. in the beginning i didn't care but you starting to realise the privacy of your keys after some time. I only want to use steemconnect now and nothing else with 3rd party tools

Actually I also hate to give away my Active keys! Most of apps required it, actually I don't know why, but most of them ask Active Keys! Very useful update for the new joiners and also to others as well! Most of people are not aware about these keys well!


I see DTube is also offering steemconnect logins as well as allowing the posting key to be used directly now too.

I'm also integrating steemconnect into the front-end I'm working on (which is just a skeleton site at the moment). It's just another view of the blockchain, but will include video from various sources hopefully including DTube, DLive, YouTube and Vimeo, and will have some interesting features.


Yeah, d.tube has always allowed the posting key. A great feature. Feels very secure. Recently they added Steemconnect. I follow your progress with a lot of interest.


The use of Steemconnect versus direct posting keys seems to somewhat divide opinion among developers. I think jesta and heimindanger prefer direct posting keys. There are merits to both approaches I think. Steemconnect does reduce some of the security management work for third-party developers, but is a bit more centralising.

Wow quite fantastic update today great to see a update on steemconnect i always find hard to choose between the keys so its good for me to login instantly with it thanks and many other platforms are implementing it that's more wonderful

I always had problem with using my Active key for steemconnect, not because I don't trust steemconnect, because I can't trust every device I use and there's always the risk of my devices being infected by malwares and Trojans.
it's great to hear that steemconnect is improving the security in the right direction.

Thanks for the information on steemconnect. This should definitely make logging into multiple sites easier.

Jamie Demon!

Hello Mark, being notified by STEEMIFY and re-ply with busy 😊.
And I hope the vote from busy will run soon again!
Thanks for sharing this with us!

Frankly I did not know anything about , Frankly, I knew very little, but thanks to your published work, I was helped to form an idea more about him . Thank you for your useful posts ...

thanx @exyle to share steemconnect details but i want to ask some thing that tell me the busy.org is the part of steemit or any third party software?
bcz last time i logged in on steemit with my pasword and that time i try busy.org first time and i automatically logged in
tell me is any fear to me from busy.org or not?
and can we removed our pasword or logout from busy.org

So if I understand correctly, we can now log in with ours posting key in steemconnect? because until now we had to use the active key.
I'm glad you do these kinds of posts because I see a lot of people that don't know how the keys work ( I learned from you as well :) )
Cheers man!

Actually,using posting key is the best way to log in other area. I have not heard about about Busy.org I will check it. By the way , you deserve to become witness I will upvote you . Have a nice day !

Thank you for your wonderful explanation that simplifies users' use of Steemconnect @exyle

my problem here is i cant access my account through they
so how can i do that? have been trying to log it but no way.

wow bro,,,verey verey nice post,,,,

@exyle i dont want to see your posts again on youtube or i will make a punish okay :)

Hi @exyle, just found this informative post, but i have to say that this: "If you then go to busy.org and press login you will notice that you are automatically logged in to busy.org." is just not working, at least not for me. I can login to v2.steemconnect with my private posting key, but i can not login to busy.org with it and it doesn't log me in automacilly either. When trying to log in to busy.org steemconnect always asks for my active or owner keys. I really like to use busy.org, but i'm feeling a bit uncomfortable having to use the private active key to do it. Am i doing something wrong or do you have any ideas on how to solve this?


Looks like it is no longer possible to login to Busy using posting key only.
@exyle, maybe this post should be updated not to confuse users who test it for the first time, like me.

Also, i cant find any info about this change and why higher permissions are needed to post from Busy.


save your treasure, good info bro, thanks alot @exyle,.. @lord-geraldi

i like dtube channel..writing story very nice..thanks for share.

Thank you so much. Bro @exyle
I just learn some think new about steemconnect

ace key, so at whatever point I hit sign in to any application that utilizations steemconnect it naturally logs me in. So I don't know which key it's utilizing. On the off chance that an application requests posting key at that point will steemconnect naturally takes my presenting key on sign in?
By and by, I could never utilize my lord key to sign in anyplace. There is no compelling reason to utilize it unless you need to change different keys And why they request the ace key at that point? Like on idealistic, I need to sign in with my lord key, that is the reason spared it(and may have chosen loggin in dependably also). Would we be able to likewise sign in on steemit with our posting key as it were.

Amazing post.
Much obligerd for sharing it

Actually, using posting key is the best way to log in other area. I have not heard about about
Busy.org I also saw it this morning that blocktrades has start using the steemconnect method for transaction of steem dollar and steem.

i like your blog. thanks boss

thanks for post very useful @exyle

Helful post..Thanks for sharing it

Hello , I like you blog.Upvote and Follow you ! You are invited to my blog

Without giving master key have any options to login steemconnect through busy.org?

thanks for sharing this post.. very usefull :) visit my blog too

very useful blog , i like to learn any thing ..
i thank u @exyle for sharing & helping us


resteemed too!!!

We are always very happy to provide from you with new ideas and information, and today you are giving us more information thank you sir

"In case it does get stolen I can always use my owner key to change my posting key."

This is it right here. If only i had known this before losing my first account that i worked so hard on.

I have it with master key because I always forget my passwords:)

I have to be part of this!!!

Steem connect will be more useful after SMT launch.

More & more applications will use it without compromising the security of our account.

I just joined the steemconnect with my password

thank you for the advise

That's a problem with 3rd party tools, you have always a risk to get fucked up somehow, whether it is a mistake of tool owner or your own.

on account of offer steemconnect points of interest yet I need to ask something that let me know the busy.org is the piece of steemit or any outsider programming?

bcz last time I signed in on steemit with my pasword and that time I attempt busy.org first time and I naturally signed in

let me know is any dread to me from busy.org or not?

furthermore, would we be able to expelled our pasword or logout from occupied.

Portable dear..

Thanks for post ..

@exyle, now I login to steemconnect. Its so nice interface indeed. Very easy to use. Can I use it for steemit account?

Hello @exyle, I want to ask if you have some insight into how my daughter can upload her YouTube videos successfully to dtube. She gets past the first 2 ticks and then after that it just keeps saying it is uploading but it doesn't.

Master key should never be used and always it is advisable to use posing key for voting comme etc and most of the newcomers do not know about this and this article is a useful information for them.

Thanks and Have a great day.

Ive been using #busy to post nowadays so this is good news. Better interface and less clutter than Steemit.
Thanks for the update

Steem connect is totally a new thing for me as i don't know much about it but seems a very secure and safe way to login

This is a super secure way to login in because when this key gets compromised in any way the 'hacker' can't use it to transfer any of my funds.

I am really looking forward to it and going to tell my social circle about steemconnect. @exyle

Ah just why I needed, your vlog to watch. Had a bad morning where I sen't maybe 40-50$ to the wrong wallet address so lost i forever. But at least I learned something from it :)

Jamie Dimon just took a U turn i didn't expected that it was coming lol but finally he admit his mistake haha and blocktrades have made their site more efficient with steemconnect i works quite nice

You still have your Christmas tree? :)

steemit will rock till 2020

thanks for the information. @exyle
very helpful

I'm paranoid to log into anything that isn't Steemit itself. Even voting sites it makes me nervous


Thank you very much

Market back in the down trend seems a good day if anyone want to buy some cryptos its like a sale going on haha good to invest for long term and ethereum is really performing well which is quite good keep holding that it will go way higher massive growth under a year for it & on the other hand steem seems to be back down again so its right just go outside and walk have fun don't think too much about these hahah

Great vlog and some great new updates @exyle

Steemconnect seems to be working like an A.P.I just like twitter uses it for their platform this is quite a good news that other platforms are using it have quite great advantage as a user ,

* fast easy and secure

&  Jamie Dimon What a person he is i can't able to understand him what he says turn out to be bullish on himself lol now finally he is realizing his mistakes which is a good but he don't do anything with it that's going ot be good for all other wise once again market will fall but on the cool point is that slowly and steadily the blockchain is getting bigger and better in the crypto space massive opportunities ahead for all :) 

Have a great day ahead thanks for sharing all the cool updates !


Terimakasih atas penjelasan anda @exyle

Thanks for the info

its so amazing to see steemconnect is being rolling all over the steem blockchain one stop solution for all the need without any worry

Nice one....Great information passed

Thanks for advice ;)

this is good to everyone's use..thanks for giving us this video too

well this is more good to suggest the steemconnect and 3 days ago when steemit site gave and error and not load i also tried the busy.org and its really fast and work good

The security is of great importance to me and Steem Connect is a great solution! Have already signed up ;) And yes, it really helps us (new users) to understand that STEEM is much more than steemit. Thanks so much for sharing this info!

Thank you so much for your advices , it's extremely important to know differences on keys as you stated perfectly .
Very useful info .

steem connect is a good thing added everywhere now i can log in anywhere without had to worry too much about :)

Terima kasih atas ilmunya

its an old saying PRECAUTION is better than CURE.

is sama like tkaing action before its get hacked by someone is a PRECAUTION in here.
thnks man

Another lovely piece I see!
lovely writing @exyle thanks for interesting post
keep it up
resteeemmm Done

Wait there are different types of keys? I think I've skipped the part about keys a long time ago. Damn, you learn everyday...

I want to try using this steemconnect thingy. Only left to understand how everything works :)

HOLLY CRAP!! Dtube videos play on busy.org and they don't link you to another page!! yesssssss!

I'm new in the steemit.com and it really sips my steem power beacause of upvoting with a hundred percent a couple of times. Then I see the busy.org at first I hesitate to use the site, but as I see this post I try it. I was really happy that the platform lets me to decide the percentage of my vote everytime like in the main site. Now this is the main platform that I use :)

Thanks.... Give the post..😊😊

i need to test it out right now thanks for sharing about this steemconnect thing


thanks you for simply explaining everything to us :)

Busy.org steepshot dtube and utopian are a great tools thanks , thanks to developpers to add an amazing value to steemit blockchain

i'm newbie in steemit your post its very helpful
thank for sharing

since steemconnect is here we are all having much better experiences!

Thanks, I didn't know about SteemConnect actually. Will try it out!

Incredible piece.

nice sharing thank you 💗💗 Paix et amour, ☮ ✌ / 💗💗 Peace and love, ☮ ✌✨
🎁 CORDE-ialement, 🎀 ROPE-ly, 🎎 L&V 💑
#Lacher-Prise #LacherPrise 💐