Vlog 398: Steemit Inc. separates wallet from Steemit.com and implements adds to earn revenue + STEEM Price.

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Steemit Inc. has separated the wallet from Steemit.com to Steemitwallet.com.

They can now more easily implement changes to Steemit.com without having to fear about wallet safety.

One of the changes is already here: Advertisements while being logged in.

Besides the programmatic selling of STEEM, Steemit inc. (the company) has no revenue Stream, yet they have huge costs for things we all benefit from (Example: Dapps/Other frontends using their expensive API's, hosting our photo's, paying people to make the blockchain better.)

I'm happy they finally implanted adds so they can use that income stream to pay for costs of things we all benefit from.

Like the upcoming MIRA implementation:

MIRA will greatly reduce infrastructure (server) costs for everyone, including witnesses and developers and make this Blockchain much more decentralised and solid but it's not something you can SELL (like a Steem Monster Card) so besides cost reduction it doesn't generate money but it is something that is needed!

For this reason I'm leaving my add blocker off.

But a unique selling point of Steemit.com (no adds), is now gone. It does mean competition with other front-ends.


I used to be a 100% fundamental guy. That person would have been pissed off at the STEEM price rise compared to other tokens in USD.

I'm much more calm now. I can't thank my friend @ezzy enough for teaching me about TA (even after ridiculing him for months with his hocus pocus charts....sorry bro).

While the momentum of other coins have turned already STEEM being slammed down so hard compared to other tokens in the bear market just needs a little longer to catch up.

But we are close. I'm hoping we can break this resistance soon (Daily MA 200 on STEEM/USD).

Screenshot 2019-04-03 at 09.44.25.png

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Assets like Steem started their move before bitcoin and I think that can continue as it and others prove their value over time relative to bitcoin. The next cycle will start to see the decoupling of tokens to bitcoin price action due to this line of thought!

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Great developments. Thanks @Exyle for the updates.

The condenser split to me is OK, thank you for that explanation from the video, I believe you’re having a nice time.

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Let's hope price of Steem won't fall after this update! 🤞

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I too welcome the ads. Like you said, Steemit has overhead that needs to be covered. I look at it this way, it's like other social media, but we can actually get compensation for our work and not just get ripped off like at Facebutt.

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The team is trying hard all of a sudden some big changes hopefully the site will start working normal

I am still yet to get used to this changes that have come up. But who knows maybe as time goes on

It will be interesting to see how things go moving forward and what the future holds for us. I think I just said the same thing twice in that sentence. Thanks for keeping us up to date on everything that is going on!

Let's hope for the best in this case. As we all are looking for to be great development of STEEMIT. So definatly steps taken by developer must be right . Firstly we have to take care of security and then development.

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