Vlog 387: Steemit inc. reduces cost of full nodes drastically + Powerdown rumours + My ideas where the blockchain is going.

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Yesterday the Steemit inc. released an amazing upgrade to the blockchain called Hivemind.

For me, the release came out of the blue. Which I guess has become the style of Steemit inc.

No communication, just drop bombs, lol.

But man, this is a good one! Real work, no talk. Fantastic job guys!

The cost of the full nodes have been drastically reduced by lowering the RAM (or memory) cost of the full nodes though this thing called Hivemind.

More parties will be able to afford to host a full node and therefor decentralise the blockchain reducing reliance on the full nodes hosted by Steemit inc.

As luck would have it yesterday my friend and @blockbrothers developer @bennierex came to visit and at the same time the post Hivemind was released so he could explain to me in a simple language how it worked and that's what that's what I try to explain in the first part of my vlog.

The other part is where I think the blockchain will be heading from now on.

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Glad to connect with your vlog post this morning! Thanks so much @exyle for taking the time to be so involved, up-to-date, interpreting, and communicating these pieces about the events going on. I get a sense of relief in you coming from your words in the vlog and appreciate that trickle down. It means a lot!! Wishing you a wonderful day too! See you next time 🌅🎶😁

Thank you!

I am looking forward to how the interfaces can now potentially change with Hivemind as I believe that the thought was to be more community centric to open up to possibilities of moderator type roles within the interface. This could be exciting for people wandering and seeking these communities in their interests to engage in.

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Yes, good point!

I am happy that Hivemind is out. If I was Steemit Inc, I would do the same thing with my STEEM if someone was threatening to HF me out of the blockchain. Apparently, the accounts that @misterdelegation undelegated to were involved in that plan to take out the steemit accounts which is why they lost their delegations.

I really hope DTube can figure out how to earn more revenue and upgrade their site. I think I will start to work with others to try and find a way to improve the interface and operation of DTube.

There's a lot you can do for dTube. One of the biggest is to make it easier to donate storage to people you like. Something like nebulous.app

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I too wish DTube would begin working properly more often. It's embarrassing we have nowhere to upload or play videos except YouTube.

There is lbry.io

Maybe Steemit Inc prefer to deliver instead to always have pression on their shoulders.

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Well I think they said that it would be delivered begin January. So it is right on schedule. You could think of this I thought of it 🤣😂 yeah is just like this but really they did it on time good. 😃😊

No communication, just drop bombs, lol.

But man, this is a good one! Real work, no talk. Fantastic job guys!

... and this is the way it should be! We don't want prima donna peacocks... there are more than enough of them here on Steem that wail that Steemit doesn't do anything and that the dev team don't do anything. The Steem devs are doing great work, pity they don't get the kudos that they deserve and that people just complain....

Great news!

Great post as always. One thing I'd like to just clarify is that one would be forgiven for getting confused over whether the social data is being "moved" from the blockchain to hivemind, versus it being mirrored in hivemind. The social information is not being removed from the blockchain and placed into hivemind. The social information remains on the blockchain, what's changing is where the APIs route applications that are asking for that information. It used to be that no matter what an application is looking for the APIs would route the query directly to the blockchain; a database that is optimized for establishing consensus, not powering real time applications. This lead to the blockchain nodes getting huge. But most of the information people wanted to pull from the blockchain had nothing to do with tokens, it had to do with information that had no monetary aspect to it. This is essentially information that was not required to be perfectly accurate every 3 seconds (i.e. consensus). In other words: social information.

Hivemind just copies this information from the blockchain and makes it accessible to developers in a more appropriate database that uses a more developer-friendly programming language. The sacrifice essentially comes down to the information taking more like 6 seconds to be perfectly reliable (still way faster than the majority of other blockchains), but the upside is clear: dramatically reduced node sizes and the ability to add the types of features to Steem-powered applications that user have come to expect from web applications. Esteem has already demonstrated how search can be improved by leveraging hivemind and that was before this big release, so I'm personally really excited to see the possibilities that are unlocked by the release of hivemind.

Does that mean the transaction speed of STEEM blockchain changed from 3 to 6 seconds now? Did I understand it correctly?

I'm assuming it means that the return from some requests for info from the nodes (Like who you follow) can take a little longer to be reliable than it used to be (6 seconds instead of 3 seconds). The block-times for block-creation are still the same.

Thanks, man :) Let me see how much time takes to follow you.

That's basically right. The core challenge, I think, is something called microforks. Basically there are ways for people to create very brief forks of the blockchain. The witnesses have mechanisms for resolving these forks, but Hive does not. So it is possible for devs to use Hive with a 0-second lag, but then there is a chance it will briefly display microfork data and not consensus data. This would still quickly be resolved by Hive. The default setting of a 6 second lag ensures that the vast majority of microfork scenarios are resolved before information is displayed. It bears repeating that none of this has to do with economic information which is still queried directly from the blockchain. Developers can set the time lag to as long as 5 minutes if they want to ensure that all the information they are displaying is perfectly accurate.

Thanks for the extra info @andrarchy! Very useful!

its always good to know the details about steem from you we get the idea

thank you for bringing a positive mindset (back) into the discussion

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Good to see steemit inc is moving along and getting some things done 😀

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Lol, It looks like the Steem-roller-coaster is turning from the scary part of the ride to the fun part again @exyle, and I'm happy to see you upbeat and positive. I am confident too :)

Thanks for making this video and explain the whole update-stuff in easy words :) Also thanks to @bennierex for planting these words into your already full head :)

It would be super interesting which hardware requirements in detail would be needed to host a witness server when rocksDB is reality for the steem blockchain. I am super excited about this!

Thanks for keeping us updated.


I was really impressed with the numbers they gave for the RAM reduction. That is quite a huge savings. Hopefully it will really be a game changer for others that want to host nodes. Additionally, hopefully it gets steemit inc back on track to where they hope to be. So far it seems like a win-win for everyone to me.

the memory difference is awesome. just think if we all setup a node we would have more witnesses than more other blockchains out there.

I believe this is when hivemind was due to be installed.
I am hopeful that it will help but won't rejoice until I actually see improvements. Too many promises that didn't really materialize.

Thanks for this review. Baby steps, baby steps!

Atleast something is happening, apart from ned hair and searching for ned

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also, as far as some instructions for setting up a full node on this setup where do we go?

Thanks for explaining that in the positive way that you do.
I'm excited for 2019 too. :)

Mark @exyle Thank You for defeating me soundly on the Steemmonsters Battlefield Today. I appreciate It.........

Thank for sharing...

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Good to hear a must better perspective. Definitely one to follow 💯🐒

"For me, the release came out of the blue. Which I guess has become the style of Steemit inc."

It's not a good style though, not good for investor confidence for the CEO to disappear for over a month.

Thank you
Understood a lot more of the blockchain and steemverse :D

@exyle Thanks so much for taking time to share your educated thoughts on this topic, it is very much appreciated - keep up the great work exyle :-)

ps. The location of your video is a bit worrying I hope the price of Steem hasn`t pushed you to living in the wild, it looks cold! ;-)

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