Vlog #84: More people I know want to invest in STEEM + Scaling efforts are paying off.

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This week alone I had two people come to me to ask to buy STEEM for them. We are not talking huge amounts ($500 and $1000) but I guess if enough people feel this way it will be good for STEEM.

In the latest Steemitblog post I read:

Next week we’ll announce the launch of a huge addition to the Steem ecosystem, so stay tuned.

I’m am very curious what it will be but what made me even more happy was reading this.

Our focus on scalability is paying off

Scaling has been a concern of mine for a while and to read that it’s improving makes me very happy. It’s the most important thing for the Steem blockchain in my mind.

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I think dtube can be a game changer. I am really positive about Steem going forward!

When you said your mom nicked your post I literally about spit out my coffee laughing. She did a really good job with and it looked like you all had a blast. You might have some family competition on Steemit now! :)

I definitely know what you mean about advising or helping others with investments. Even if you believe 100% in a project, you know there's some risk and don't want to feel responsible if it doesn't turn out well. It's especially tough when it comes to family.

Great news on the announcement by Steemitblog for the announcement next week and really pumped they're making strides pertaining to scalability. I agree, a mobile app would be ideal as the younger generation access the internet almost entirely through their phones. I'm also very happy to hear the Steemit team making the announcement. The more involved they are with giving updates about technology and the direction of Steemit the better.

Have a good day brother and hope you get the bid!


She did make a really nice post and it did well (she was so happy, it was great). I'm really looking forward to next week!

Hopefully, all goes well with the client and everything to plan and you can resolve the issue with nothing too annoying or difficulty arising.

I saw your mums post and it was amazing to see all the photographs you took. I thought it was one of your posts as it was in the same format until I realised it wasn't you haha. I'm also glad she is using steemit and getting some great responses from the community

I haven't seen the steemitblog post yet. I'll check it out after this but I'm excited to see what new addition they are going to add to the ecosystem. We haven't had anything for a while which makes me even more excited.

I agree that scaling should definitely is a huge priority since there is no point having a website if it can't scale. I bet the development team have been working their hardest to fix the problem since that seems like the main focus for now.

I'm glad to here that some more people are planning to invest into steem. It is important to only invest what you are willing to lose but I think steem will definitely have a bright future with its current progress.

I think compared to other social media platforms steemit is more genuine and it has a tight close knit community with more natural and honest interactions between the author and commenter and that is what I love about it @exyle! :)

I definitely think that scalability was the right thing to focus on in the Steem blockchain. Compared to something like BTC, Steem will be able to handle an ever increasing number of transactions. It's actually quite impressive with what it can do now. I read somewhere that Steem and Bitshares are the two cryptocurrencies with the highest volume of transactions right now.

Always a postitive news to hear that steem is growing daily, upped. I am sure that steemit will be a household name (see my latest post for my argument) and we all will be smiling (big smile ) daily. However now is the time to do the work of selling steemit (positively) to the world. Thanks @exyle for your great contents and support , wish you a blessed weekend.


Thank you, man! I think the sTeem blockchain is doing a pretty good job of selling itself to the world already :)


Good point, I agree however we all have to do our own part too-a win win strategy for all.

I suggest to invest any amount and should little increase every month, you will see the Steem price will go up by the end of this year and expected price is $10. So this is the best time to invest and get profit in future .


i dont know about $10, maybe $4 is ok.


will be $10 if Bitcoin goes up more than $5000 than Steem Price in Bitcoin also grow.


no way.


No one knows what can happen in crypto... but $10 seems absurdly high and taken out of thin air

great video @exyle sir, yes with the increasing in steemit popularity the peoples are willing to buy more steem tokens and this resulting in the increase in steem price and the mobile application is also wonderful idea for steemit plateform it surely gives steem blockchain more heights. thanks for sharing

A few days ago, I replied to one of your posts as to how many people around you know about or want to invest in crypto. After reading this post, I think that Bianca was probably right about how you attract the people with similar interests (don't remember the exact quote).

Very nice video @exyle sir, the induction of Mobile app is a really cool idea i think this will attract the younger generation more, and this step really strengthened the steem block chain even more, as far as buying steem is concerned i think with the increasing popularity of steemit blockchain more and more peoples willing to buy steem tokens and this is great sign for both steem and steemit blockchain. thanks for sharing

That is a good news, Sir. I think that would be a big help and opportunity for the steemit family. 100% upvote for this!

I love to hear more and more people are buying steem or wanting to buy steem. The next year will be an exciting year for steem and steemit.

that was great will follow @clio :) and yeah its great steem tokens for investment but only till a extent where you can risk it but even thought it truly has huge potential no doubt about that :)

In the Netherlands, is there a way to convert a large amount of fiat into crypto ( > $100K )?


Yes, there is. It's very easy to buy Bitcoin with euros.

The best part about investing in steem is that the more SP we have the more steem we are going to make so unlike other crypto-currencies steem grows itself like the compunding interest. Our upvote will be more worth and so we will be earning more and more everyday.

Wow that would be an amazing news! Yeah I have few good friends who are willing to buy STEEM too! Hope this will be a "PLUS" sign for STEEM and for it's long journey!
Now you are doing great with dtube!
Really appreciate your effort and thanks for this amazing update as well!


Steem is undervalued compared to other coins with insane market cap that dont even have a real use.

Very good news for our community, you good people are there in this world, who can invent various techniques for development .so heads of to you guys, who had contributed a lot for this community. Thanks once again for your great information.I want to tell you that, by your great inspiration, I had made a video to help the effected people by flood in my area, so please if you give a look on my post, it will be great help for them. Have a great day friend, Happy steeming.

Even me want to buy steem but i don't know how to do it


Its pretty easy, just use the menu and click "buy steem" :-) Off course you'll need bitcoin to pay with. Good luck!

Same here i allready have some friends on here and now more and more people wanne join. But it wil take a while to get them all registerd and active. Some kind of a connection tool should be made i think to get it rolling.

Very nice to hear about your reaction to my post. I took the pictures because I wanted to make a post about you. You went to the gym and I made the post.
We had such a nice evening, it was a pleasure to make the post. And that even my husband wants to invest in Steem is a nice surprise, even for me!

Steem scaling is amazing and all, I can see it by your happy facial expression lol.
But how's your steemfat? :d


Great! I think I'm doing really well!

Steem is very cheep right now! Investing into it, looks very promising!

Good news for Steemit :)

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you're copy pasting this obnoxious message on posts that you don't even bother to read. This is not good steemit etiquette and you'll be downvoted for it. Please stop doing that.

good post

Really information. good post

Great video.

I feel most people wont make anything. been here a few weeks and don't see any reason to invest, the prices has dropped and it cant work for everyone, good luck to you.

@exyle - Sire, this is a good news. More people, more demand, price up, enjoy the profit. Love it Sire.

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if you invest in steem is it better to build value for yourself? I don't understand why I should bring my steem here

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Good job

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'Next week we’ll announce the launch of a huge addition to the Steem ecosystem, so stay tuned.' hope to hear your update about those changes. nice work and nice video @exyle

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Cheers the more the merrier :D 500 to a 1000 bucks is a huge amount for me... xD

Nice one @exyle

Great steemit news sir. 100% like and resteem.

I would like to do the same, I have some dollars and euro doing nothing on the account. What would be the exchange you would recommend to buy Steem. Is it possible to buy it with funds from paypal?

Great job keep it up @exile you are doing very good job