Vlog 166: Steem briefly went over $4 last night! The Steem blockchain is finding itself in the perfect storm.

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December is turning out to be the craziest crypto month I ever lived through.

Crypto has exploded across the board and STEEM went briefly through $4 last night.

Funny fact: $4 is actually the price I bought my first STEEM for 18 months ago.

Now I feel like the Steem blockchain is finding itself in the perfect storm.

While some major cryptos are suffering at the moment from severe scaling problems and insane fees STEEM is perfectly fine.

It's doing the most transactions of all the blockchains and it doesn't break a sweat. It's under 0.36% strain.

Ethereum and Bitcoin are at 100% strain right now. And Bitcoin at the moment has a $40-$50 fee per transaction!

Again, STEEM has no fees. All transactions are for free and fast! (3 seconds).

In the beginning of 2018 SMT's will come out.

Anyone will be able to create a token (Smart media token) on the Steem blockchain for cheap (1$).

I can see tons of use cases for this. Implemented in apps, communities and different front ends.

Why would you build your own blockchain if you can use the best? for basically free?

Only when your app/community or frontend gains in popularity and your SMT is using more bandwidth on the STEEM blockchain will you need to own more STEEMPOWER to 'pay' for this bandwidth.

This is where I think the real value of STEEM will be revealed.

I am a witness with our developer group @blockbrothers for the Steem blockchain. If you want to support us I would appreciate your vote here.

We build Steemify a notification app for your Steemit account for iOS.

Get it Here:

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I am just so excited to see more fun in steem here i wish it go more high i have small steems but i am glad for it

It's there again right now! I know you check your phone every 5 seconds so you've probably seen it already ;)

Screen Shot 2017-12-21 at 09.58.43.png

As for BTC I wish they would just increase the blocksize, even if just to 2mb. It's as though they don't understand the harm that this is doing to Bitcoins reputation and how far away it has moved since I first used it in 2013. Eventually, though I see both BTC and BCH becoming obsolete by better technology built from the ground up. To really win at this game a currency must be instant and free, two qualities which I doubt Bitcoin will ever have

@exyle I know you are right about our beloved STEEM and I want you to know the Best is yet to come in 2018. I am so excited for you and Bianca and the BLOCKBROTHERS.................Thank You for showing me how to be consistent on STEEMIT @stokjockey. BLOG Daily and be Rewarded......

Marry Christmas in advance from India, with the greatest price of steem to your family Bianka, @clio and you my friend .Thanks for sharing such a valuable information.

Isn't it great!! I also saw the price early this morning and I was happy. It's like an early Christmas present.

It sure is :)

@exyle I wrote something abnormal and different tonight that I thought you'd really like. Please visit..

re: After we are all dead.. the importance of STEEM. Twisted subject, but important.

Caution: for thinkers only.

I think your opinion is true after reading exyle of Post turns out to be true

Once SMTs gain popularity, this month will be considered relaxed :))

I experience the exact opposite. The higher Steem & SBD go. The more I realize the opportunities we have here right now.

"Funny fact: $4 is actually the price I bought my first STEEM for 18 months ago."
Yeah few weeks back you said this! So, it happens again, but in this time I don't think it might not drop as last time! The greatest block now we are sitting on! So, this is the future! Great article friend!


I have newly joined steemit and now I fell proud to have chosen one of the best crypto plateform. I am jubilient with current price jump. Thanks for your post.

I cannot wait to see this ability to launch media tokens. I am curious why I had no idea this was a project. Is there any linkable site currently so I can read up ? I work for a popular Crypto media outlet team and would like to be able to report on things like this when it is news. Hmmm. I need more ! Lol ok I am following you now. If you have any media and press needs - globally, I am that girl. You want to see steemify on yahoo news or marketwatch or shared in a syndicated manner across thousand of news desks ? I am that girl . Also in the Crypto news outlets too. 🦋.

Here you go: https://smt.steem.io/

Wonderful thanks very much. 🦋⭐️✨

Yes I didn't expect this a few weeks ago.. it's great but still the start for a good 2018.. I can't imagine what can happen.. I have seen such strange things.. it can go to $10 but also back to $0.8.. I hope it will reach $10. then I have my goal accomplished why I started on Steemit. Then I can really start building my SP.

I have seen lot's of crazy things too. But this year tops everything.

The price is important for the immediate short term surge of users but I think the tech and scale will be so instrumental in long term sustainability. What can we do now to support growth in 2020 for instance?

I'm ready and waiting. I feel like I just got on Steem at the perfect moment. I've been talking about it on LinkedIn and various forums, so hopefully raising the consciousness of the place to others too.

Me too! I got in just before creating an account took ages. At the moment I'm not sure if I want Steemit to get hyped up in media or if I just want to see it grow slowly, with natural growth.

I’m happy for hyping, because I’d love to see more people come to the electronic music community! Would love more interactions on that front as it is still a very much niche area of Steemit.

We can only enjoy these great crypto times and wait for SMT to come in 2018

It's all coming together isn't it!!! I can't help but feel ever more excited for both Steemit and Steem!!

right now the things we need is a way to buy things with steem/sbd or exchange value for skills and visa versus --- i'd love to pay for a lot of web hosting and services with steem and steem power for sure. these network charges are making it only useful to hold and that's not serving anyone.

Our witness @blockbrothers is paying for the servers with STEEM already! But I agree the more the merrier!

ah so privex allow paying in steem/sbd? sweet!

Glad to see Steem touching it's all time high..Truly indeed this Christmas is turning out be the best month for Steem.

People have now truly realized the power of blockchain and they are now giving it more importance than fiat currency.

Exciting post @exyle ! At the time of this writing, steem market cap is $ 850 million. Much like facebook, we can only say that if steemit can grow its user base into millions, it will become very valuable. Facebook market value is more than $ 500 billion currently. Suppose steemit reach 10 % of facebook market value which is $ 50 billion, that is around 60x of the current steem value. And I believe 10 % is conservative estimation. With all projects development such dtube, dsound, dmania, steepshot, etc, steem value worth significantly more than the current value. So, holding our steem for long term could be the best investment for all of us.

Steem is getting more strengthen , Thank for sharing

Wow, I wonder how much it will rise after SMT release. Thanks for posting vlogs :)

Do you think if the number of users go high on steem is there a chance of steem value going more than or equivalent to Bitcoin / other crytocurrency ??
I am totally new to this, like literally being my first day on Steemit & this being my very first reply/comment/question ?? kind of. What would you recommend your followers to do to make the most of it ??

Awaiting reply @exyle . Cheers. Happy weekend. Well its Dubai so hell yeah its weekend.

lol i was only checking what is upvote. This is my day one on Steem. Never knew my upvote whatever it means will make some coins lol. Cheers guys. Thanks for letting me know what to do & what not to.

I'm being polite when saying this, consider it a friendly reminder.
Upvoting your own comment is called self-voting and is usually frowned upon by the community.
Don't be like @hms818, the comment above yours.
Also, right now by upvoting your own comments, you won't be making any SBD or STEEM Power since your account is very small.

It is frowned upon by you, wtf man everyone is self-voting.

Just because everyone is doing it, doesn't make it normal. Its usually the smaller and newer accounts that do it, actual content creators don't upvote their own comments.
I see that you have also self-voted, ask yourself, do you really deserve 5 cents for that comment?

I deserve everything that I can do! Even exyle self-votes his posts is that bad also? If someone writes interesting comment or post I will upvote him. I don't make a lot of posts and the only way to motivate myself to at least comment on peoples posts is the ability to reward myself with an upvote and also sometimes no ones gives a shit about my comments so I upvote it because I feel like I deserve at least upvote from myself. But if that is bothering you then I can just set steemvoter bot to upvote posts from certain people and forget about steem at all and then I do not need to participate in your "community".

Every great comment should be upvoted, regardless of who wrote it. By the way, how can you check if someone has upvoted their own comment?

Right next to the dollar sign, you'll see how many votes a comment has got and when you click on that, it'll show you all the people who voted it.

lol i was only checking what is upvote. This is my day one on Steem. Never knew my upvote whatever it means will make some coins lol. Cheers guys. Thanks for letting me know what to do & what not to.

Wow, I didn't know that. I guess I should stop upvoting my comments then;)

Finally its getting the value it deserves.

Awesome! And a happy, Steemy Xmas to you! Next year could sure be interesting ;)

Excellent news about the rise in price of the STEEM , I think this is not the limit and you are right, my friend, the STEEM is gaining strength and stability more and more! In addition, as you have noticed, the SMT is coming out soon and here, I am also sure, there will be even greater opportunities for both the individual participant and our ecosystem as a whole! Thank you @exyle and keep us informed of what's happening!

yes and all steem holders are really enjoying the christmass month fully and its is interesting to hear that u were believe on steem 18 months ago and invest in steem and i hope that was ur best decesion bcz newbies may buy steem in cheap value but they dont get profit more like u @exyle and sure i say that time u have a decesion to researh on it

You are telling the truth Steam Blockkain found himself in perfect storm. And I'm backing you.

Can I resteem this post sir

nice to know abuot it to steem price is worth 4$ is a good sign to more grow up is this the flood of new memebrs in steemit and buy steem but see that all cryptos are goingt to up it make me more amaiezed to think how it is possible that only in one month the larg investors come in crypto but whats reasson back on it

steem will take us to the moon ;)

Great great news, Merry Christmas to all! I hope in 2018 it will raise more and more!

Steem is on the rise! I hope this trend continues,the sbd price is insane! But a good insane :)

i am looking forward to the devlopment of steem in price and technology, especially when smt's are released. bitcoin is having some Kind of "roughpatch" now imo, but it will pass again, mempool is already shrinking again (sloooooowly).

Isn't it great!! I also saw the price early this morning and I was happy. It's like an early Christmas present.

It's crazy how steemmorice is rising so quickly, I can't keep up with it. Your posts are really helpful and definatelty keeps me informed of the movements so thankyou.

Please check my blog and if you could drop a little Resteem as it would really help me start out

steem is very popular in india nowadays we loved steem

Mark, in general we had a good year. But indeed the December month did bring a lot surprises, those are actually a gift for the good and hard work we did.
With Steem we are all very happy, at a level which will be much higher, with the same speed as tranactions are done.

It's great to see Steem reaching such highs again. There's a lot of hope in the cryptocurrency world, but we know Steem is for real.

Great information.

I agree with you. steem now over $4. indeed that is great news . great to see Steem reaching highs again. thaank for sharing good information @exyle

That day is not far when @exyle will publish another blog saying "steem is now well above 10 usd " and yes it has that potential.

Very nice article @exyle ....thank you.

steem on and stay blissful...

yes, its a good news for steem and all steemit community member.

December is really an awesome month for crypto currency and also for steem and altcoin.

I hope we would see 10 usd per steem in 2018.

Thank you @exyle

i think i will cash out my steem tokens when the value is triple digits in the hundreds place. I only have 3 tokens I wish invested better before i probably would have 30 by now :*(

My hubby @shai-hulud and I only just joined Steemit after researching Altcoins. We are super excited to see where Steem can take us. Time to Power Up and hunker down for the long haul as the only way is up.

These are all happy moments for us as steemian as we have also seen those periods when it was at 0.8 for quite some time.

So let's enjoy this time and I do see steem to be over 5 by the end December.

Have a great day.

Glad I started back in September :)

now making steem power would be a best thing to do i was not aware about the curent prices this is really great to know thanks for the vlog smts would have a great time kicking off

What a great feeling to be part of this adventure! 2018 is going to be a GREAT year! Bring it on! 🤗

It is amazing to me that with all the global patronage on bitcoin, developers have not found it necessary to increase the capacity of bitcoin network to make transaction cost and speed more effective and user friendly. With all these flaws, only time will tell if bitcoin will continue to preponderate the crypto domain.

It certainly look like this surge may have a little decline in January but will rise more in the latest stages of December this is is more like a urgent call for steemit users to buy more steem and put away SBD while it's at it's most valuable

today i buye some steem. my inner imsting saying that steem will raise more and more. I am honna hold it for a long time.as per my info right now steem is around $3.77. thanks for sharing.

This is indeed the craziest year and the craziest two months I've ever seen in crypto, and I've been around since 2013. Astronomical to say the least.

To be honest, I think many coins are past the moon. These coins are shooting for mars, jupiter, pluto, Sirius A & B and then the center of the galaxy. To the center of the milky way! STAT!

Wauhhh...that is why I like steemit. It is simple and profitable. Less uncertainities compared to Bitcoin .
I think it is time to invest on steemit than on other cryptocurrencies.

The earlier the better


wow it went so quickly at that point epic time of the month for sure way to go :)

Hello dear @exyle you said absolutely right about our awesome steem. As lot of steemians get steem / SBD through this platform in free of cost(In a scense that nobody pays from his pocket to earn but share their skills in the shape of blogs writting, commenting upvoting etc - which is almost very easy task)
steem will go high and high in 2018 almost above 5-6 dollors, which is a very good news. Always keep sharing your great result of your deep research. Thanks!

I think steem go up , and it be same what is just steem $ :) just now .

Once again I'm here supporting you as always, but good as you rarely read me: D

Good information writing @exyle. Thanks for sharing.

great news it like a Christmas gift for all the user of steemit lol.

Ooo, I didn't have time to check the price yet, that is great news indeed. The Steemit platform is just at it's beginning now, for those who understand the power of blockchain and can see this platform is also giving back (not just taking advantage from users like other platforms), the future is guaranteed. As for SMT tokens, there is plenty of opportunities to explore using it.

The transaction fee of Bitcoin is crazy... makes it even not worth it to buy lower amounts of BTC.
11 minutes of knowledge, watching now :)

totally. the best is yet to come for Steem. I recently made a purchase for more ETH, and the fees are simply ridiculous on coinbase. Furthermore, my transaction is still not validated and it's still pending confirmation. As the crypto fever continues into 2018, I pretty sure we'll see a correction for the Bitcoin/ETH market. Superior cryptos will take over to take the lead. Nobody likes to wait for their transaction to go through. And I quite certain the market will reflect it in due time.

for good news of increaing steam. i will just say you

@exyle Steem is getting more strengthen , Thank for sharing

valuable information.@exyle. I also wrote a post about @steem dollar investment. I am trying to get attention about my post.

It's awesome to see Steem achieving such highs once more. There's a ton of expectation in the digital money world, yet we know Steem is without a doubt. One year from now it could be gigantic.

This post upvoted and resteemed

@exyle It's just the beginning! 2018 will be a great year for Steem! I can see it hitting 20 USD next year! It might even happen sooner than I expect! HODL :)

Excellent life story. Funny fact that your steem for 18 months ago. Very good writing skill. Thanks

steem will go to more than $10 in a few days I am sure about that, look at the marketcap it's going crazy, it hits today $1 billion and it's growing like crazy, I just bought 100 steem, I am sure that I will double or triple my money trading it. ☺

This has been a crazy month for crypto. However, this is the type of crazy I like with Steem going up. The introduction of SMTs can only help boost the price more.

That insane fees of BTC is killing !
I am pretty glad to be in STeemit and get to see the rise of Steem in a great way !

Its a good news steem again reach high price. Thanks for sharing.

Advance Merry Christmas!

Wow, u bought your first steem for $4, that is a very bold move, im pretty sure that rewarded you pretty well.. :)

Yeah, tx on Btc and Eth pretty sucks, i remember i have to wait for 6 hours literally to buy status token on Eth blockchain, massive tx jam.. :(

Im pretty sure, even after SMT release, when loads of tx comes over steem, which already had as second highest traffic after Eth.. :), still steem would be performing pretty well, as it already adequate thought well from the beginning and place 3 seconds block speed as the transaction medium... mind blowing though.. :)

Yes....I hope steem price archive 10$ mark very soon...actualy that is our christmass gift...hahahaha.
Go steem...Go...
Good luck...

Excellent $4 a dream came true after so long finally saw that magical figure and its steadily growing up this is going to boost many things :)

Hi brother @exyle
I hope you are fine
Actually now a big hike and I hope the prices are growing so much that they are going to the moon
Also it is great there is no cost in the transmitter and also the conversion speed makes it good to add Steem to the payment gateway soon

Please brother if there is no inconvenience possible some help and thank you

good sharing, people should be informed thank

merry Christmas @exyle seems like Christmas has arrived early

Truly, steemit is holding its head amongst other cryptoes. The best is yet to come for us.

I'm wondering if we may see a rise to $10 in early 2018.

yes sir it is going to be very exciting..im really happy to know that you have come this far..it is very inspiring to see a person like you..and your support is very helpful to us..thanks for everything sir :)

Hello dear friend.I know I am asking a lot of questions but I need your help again. Today I want to upload a short video to dtube but it failed at my all tryings because of Ipfs error . What is that ? How can I solve this ? I am using safari but I tried other browsers like safari but still same error.. Thanks for your time .

Steem and SBD are perfect coins to make payments of all kinds, but people only talk about Btc without knowing that there are better things in that area.

I think Steem will be between $ 10 and $ 20 in 2018. What do you think about this? @exyle ?

i am just thinking about how it could go in next year a steady growth with only a little decline in between otherwise this is fantastic for investment for long term :)

I love steemit! Steem to the moon! Great post! Very exciting! This is just the beginning my Friends! I'm telling everyone I know on this planet about steemit and it's potential! It is such a very kind and helpful community! I'm very honored and blessed to be a part of the steemit community! Two thumbs up my Friends! :)

I can't believe how steem has shot up since I first discovered steemit about 12 days ago. These videos are great and an interesting way to get some history.

I am very happy @exyle

very good thank you for your guidance and opinion and information

steem will definitely grow more than it is now so cool to see the prices thanks for keeping us updated with everything

That is wonderful abd useful news for me...
I'm realy know and trust steem can change my future...
I'm joined to in this platform june 2017...steem price is 0.7$...Now...4+++ $...
Wow..I'm so happy...

Happy times indeed!

I love you my friend

Amazing post :)thx

Bitcoin transaction is becoming way more expensive. Steem is the thing I believe as you say, I was checking out some of your previous posts. I am new here and looking forward to see steem grow. Cheers!

You are very Correct Dear @exyle

December is turning out to be the craziest crypto month I ever lived through. 

This month as you said has already doubled up the portfolio its interesting that how things could go up in a moment of unexpected time truly insane month ever in the history of cryptos.

The fun fact was more amazing to know that you bought your first ever steem way back 1.5 years ago at the same price as it is now how thing might is just a coincidence i guess but a beautiful thing for sure.A drastic and a sustainable growth from nearly $0.80 to today $4.00 you have seen the bad and good phases as an investor and kudos to you for being their with this block chain from the start and never leaving your trust behind it.

Ethereum and Bitcoin are at 100% strain right now. And Bitcoin at the moment has a $40-$50 fee per transaction! 

While on the other hand the Network of the other two top block chain around us has been clogged completely the single transaction takes more than 1 Hour in many cases or almost take more than a day this is totally frustrating when compared to steem where we are used to the fast speed of transactions, 3 second block time with no fees at all and smooth transactions.

The efficiency of the steem block chain is great at the moment no doubt but good to know from your vlog that the steem team is continuously work so that they can even make more transactions possible without any problem the challenges are going to come soon than expected because of the complete failure of the bitcoin as a transaction currency with such high fees as in your case it was almost $50 i would have not paid but definitely need to pay in some urgent cases.

You explained the bitcoin cash block size in a very cool way i must say " its like going from 2 lane highway to a 16 lane highway"

Lot' s of other cool thing i came to know just as the HF20 is arriving soon which will make signup's easy which is a must need and they are prepared in advanced for the challenges the steemit team :) ..great setup for the SMT's the back end is ever ready and now the front too will take off.

It's a topic i too can also cover all day long and could talk but i guess you might get frustrated with comment so signing off 

It was a pleasure seeing your Vlog thanks for sharing your experiences on this and you gotta catch some sleep :) 

Have an Amazing weekend ahead 


I wonder if there are ways I should prepare for smts? I heard saving sbd. Any other ideas on how to be ready? I often sleep right thru new crypto projects and then sort of say what's that coin when it hits 100. I would like to be ready for smt but not sure how

good article

super exciting vlog today great things you shared dollar 4 wow just can's show you how excited i am 0eabd70b57c62c4a19bf0ad35efcea61.gif

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