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RE: I was blocked on YouTube. Switching to DTube.

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In all honesty, it is my belief that these centralised web monopolies are inadvertently creating rods for their own backs. In the fullness of time, blockchain based more effective alternatives to their business model will rise up and beat them at their own game. That will be a fantastic day.

Today I saw a tweet from KimDotCom calling out current and former Twitter engineers to join him. I think he's got something big cooking. Twitter won't like it.


So you think they're just trying to protect their business? I got locked out of my Facebook account for posting links to my Steemit posts (in 2 Steemit related groups... that's not hardcore spamming or anything).

I read somewhere the Twitter CEO stated BTC would be the worlds #1 currency in 10 years. Via google search so it might be fake news lol.
I'm not a fan of KDC so I don't hold out hope he's gonna provide a worthy championable project - he's selfish so it won't be likely be a pro-decentralization model he works on - just a fully centralized thing most likely dressing up as a major web server to provide the same thing as them in crypto packaging. (Grossly unsupported speculation right there lol).
Anyhoo, Google/YT & FB ai needs to def be challenged, because the problem is its subjectively banning/blocking some and not all right now. The most annoying thing when you are blocked by a service is to see every other account with way more infringements still happily functioning.

Quite true on KDC - he is a businessman after all. I expect something rivaling Twitter and even FB to come out of either TRON or EOS platforms. Heck, our very own STEEMIT is already making them sweat I am sure.

Although we also need to be prepared for the censor free wild wild west.

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