Goyim Revolution

in #dtube2 years ago

Goyim Revolution is a track off "The Flat Earth Movement Album" available here: http://www.ericdubay.bandcamp.com

Lyrics: Nazis took on the Jews and they lost. Germany knew just exactly what it’d cost. They made the ultimate sacrifice for us. Their voices are screaming from the grave listen up. Hitler shut down the Rothschild banks! Kicked all Freemasons out of their ranks! Opened up their lodges for the public to see! Freed Germany from Jewish usury! That’s why they drag Hitler’s name through the mud! So you won’t ever see him for the hero he was! And that’s why they do the fucking same thing to me! ‘Cause the Jews don’t want you to know their real history! Now this is what your country must do! Print your own money, tell the banks to go screw, themselves and their debt system, this is my mission, call it goyim revolution!


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