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Lyrics: So many things have changed, but I never thought I'd live in an age to see the day outer space is seen as fake. We have all been played, fallen prey to a Freemasonic cage. Surely all is gonna break away the more we all awake.

Houston, we now have a problem,
They've found out space isn't at all what we've told them.

NASA oughta sorted all the stories for the astronauts before they all reported what they saw when asked in orbit. NASA saw the planets; Aldrin saw no more than black. You all are talking horseshit. Court is where you oughta all be walkin' as your master-plan is thwarted y'all are caught red-handed. I imagine your imaginary bands of Van Allen have caused it all now has it?

The Moon landing was staged, a Stanley Kubrick play, the USA, had to make a movie to win the race to space.

NASA what's the truthful answer? You aren't doing lunar trips? What!? It isn't lucrative? The tax you take is ludicrous! Excuse after excuse you lose the tapes and can't locate the data saying nowadays it's far too hard to make it all after you threw away the blueprints for the lunar craft. Now half a century has past, you had a blast, you're talking out your arse..

The relevance in the rumors, they never went to the moon'll prove, everything taught to you about space will be found untrue.
You never did it!
And you never will 'cause it's a lie!
Nothing has left the Earth and
returned as NASA confirm,
Years of selling the heliocentric
Universe soon'll be gone
You never did it!
And you never will it's all a lie!

Space Odyssey, I found an oddity, it seems like sodomy is your main commodity: asstronots assuming asstronomy NASA assteroid asstral authority. Virgin Galactic master prophylactic practice Space-X safe sex ya bastards. Waxed up black holes ready for you assholes, blast your capsules back to the glass bowl, time-dilated Uranus is waiting, pulsing like the pulsars pulsating, blast your phallus and call it a rocket, See-men dressed in white in the cock-pit. That's some gay shit Masons, you're racist against all straight white males and Asians. I'll prove it too เพราะกูแม่งเป็นลูกครึ่ง ฝรั่งที่แร็ปได้และร้องเพลงลูกทุ่ง Yeah, I'm rapping in Thai, that's what I do, เป็นคนไทยไปแล้ว และอยากเป็นผู้ดีที่มีศักดิ์ศรีเพราะพูดตรงไป ไม่เคยโกหกใครและไม่นอกใจ

No one would have believed in the last years of the twentieth century that 2 humans, Instinct and Dubay would take down the whole New World Order.

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Here you go, dumbass. In a few days, a new trans-antarctic flight over the south pole is happening in a few days. It will be videoed. Stay tuned for more destruction of your stupid flat earth:
Here is the youtube channel it will be livestreamed from:
They will be trying for a new speed record. Here is the current speed record holder for polar circumnavigating the globe:

Just like when you circumnavigate, the route is always a circle from east to west, it never crosses from north to south because that route does not exist. But since you're an expert, can you tell me which is the barycenter of the earth? Or how is the mass of the sun calculated? or because there is no experiment by direct scientific method that shows that the water sticks to the outside of your container?

PD: The earth is flat, like your brain.

This is the route they took:

As you can clearly see it goes north and south. It goes down the west coast of South America across the suth pole and up the east coast of Africa.

Let's see how that looks on a flat earth
Huh. It looks like the plane disappears past South America and reappears some 20,000 miles away south of Madagascar. How did the plane travel all those miles in just a couple of hours?

Also the route on the flat earth map is like 20,000 more miles in length. How did that happen in the time it took? Did the plane travel faster than its top speed the whole way?

It seems to me that you never heard about jet streams (which can have a great impact on the final speed of a plane) ... On the other hand, the other questions you never answered ...

Jet streams jumped the plane 12,000 miles in 4 hours where there are no jet streams? lol.

Jet streams blow from west to east, so negligible effect when traveling north and south. The jet's route cut through the jet streams, it didn't travel along the jet streams.

So, to reiterate:

  1. How did the jet jump 20,000 miles in a couple of hours?
  2. How did the jet fly an average of 400 mph faster than its maximum speed over the entire route, especially when its position and speed was recorded for the whole trip?

This trip didn't happen over a flat earth. It couldn't. The flight route works perfectly in the time it took and the directions traveled on the globe.

So there is your trans polar circumnavigation of our planet. Set a new speed record too!

I am not moving on to other questions you have until you acknowledge this point. After that, I will be happy to address any of your concerns.

You're very funny ... I see that you do not even know what a jet stream is (I understand you, it's easier to be ignorant) ... you do not realize that both the helicopter map and the geocentric are made by a heliocentrist .. On the other hand, you are admitting that the trip is west to east ... for the other questions, I add two more for you to remain ignorant: Because clouds, which are denser than air and gravity do not Pull down, take the curved shape of the earth? And why is there an Antarctic treaty in which no civilian but freely see the Antarctic?

PS: I'm still waiting for someone to go around the world from North to South ... but we already know that this will never happen ...

PS2: A jet streams can improve the speed between 200 and 400 km / h.

PS3: For your trip to be valid, you should start from the west and go to the east (or vice versa) in a lateral way and not in a circular way, and finish in the same place from which you started (the same for the case of North to South, only in that case it is up or down).

Jet streams are fast flowing, narrow, meandering air currents in the atmosphere. On Earth, the main jet streams are located near the altitude of the tropopause and are westerly winds (flowing west to east).

Please, by all means show me an accurate flat earth map. This should be extremely simple since the map and the earth are flat. :-D Then I will transpose the route onto your accurate map.

P.S. The route of the trip is easily seen on the map I provided. It goes south to the south pole and then north to the north pole.

P.S. 2 The jet would have to travel at around 3-4 thousand miles an hour to go from the southern tip of South America to south of Madagascar in a few hours. Do you know of any small business class jets that can accomplish this remarkable feat?

P.S. 3 Are you a moron? You need to travel south to traverse the south pole and you need to travel north to traverse the north pole.

So again:

  1. How did the jet jump 20,000 miles in a couple of hours?
  2. How did the jet fly an average of 400 mph faster than its maximum speed over the entire route, especially when its position and speed was recorded not doing that for the whole trip? The entire earth's atmosphere is not a giant jet stream that happened to exactly follow the plane's route. In fact, the plane cut through the jet streams at pretty much right angles. Therefore no speed was gained.

Jet stream
Jet streams are fast flowing, narrow, meandering air currents in the atmospheres of some planets, including Earth. On Earth, the main jet streams are located near the altitude of the tropopause and are westerly winds (flowing west to east). Their paths typically have a meandering shape. Jet streams may start, stop, split into two or more parts, combine into one stream, or flow in various directions including opposite to the direction of the remainder of the jet.

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