ICONSENSUS: P-Rep Election Q&A

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ICONSENSUS: P-Rep Election Q&A

Pre-Registration of the Public Representative is now open: https://icon.community

Still want to know more about the election? Join here: https://t.me/iconcm


0:16 Election Process
1:15 What is the requirement to become a P-Rep?
3:21 How much reward can a P-Rep get?
5:46 Why Should I be P-Rep?
7:03 ICON Depends on your hand

The election of P-Reps is the first milestone of ICONSENSUS. Pre-registration for ICON P-Rep candidacy starts on the 17th of January, 2019. We look forward to seeing which members of the ICON community register for a chance to become one of the Genesis P-Reps on the ICON Network.


Video By: ICON Foundation

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