Kayaking At Lake Nockamixon

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I went on a free kayaking discovery course at Lake Nockamixon. It was an amazing experience the instructors were helpful and informative. This is a short film of my kayaking adventure.

I hope you enjoyed the short video, it was a lot of fun making it for you guys. :) Feel free to comment below!!

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Awesome video in a very calm, green and fresh water ecosystem. Such videos remind us on the need for us to protect the environment so that our children and future generations can also enjoy what we enjoyed during our days.

I completely agree!!! kayaking is a beautiful pastime and a great way to detach yourself form the worry's of the world and actually experience the world.

What colorful Kayaks and a cool idea for a Wednesday walk post with the video

thanks for joining Wednesday Walk :)

( Sorry for the late response) Thank you I try to make my photos and videos stand out. I just bought a canon rebel T7 which I am EXTREMELY exited to try and learn how to use. Hopefully this camera will increase the quality of my content.

Cool video! I went kayaking a few weeks in the lagoon at Moorea in French Polynesia and loved it! this Saturday I'm going kayaking with a friend on The Intracoastal Waterway here in Florida!

That's so cool French Polynesia has some crystal clear waters. That same Saturday I went kayaking with my aunt on the Schuylkill river. Sorry for the late response :)

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