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Good message for sure. I heard Spencer Ryan saying the same thing which really got me thinking. That's why I am not trying to put cooking videos every day. I do spend a whole day or 2 a week filming 4 cooking shows, it's a lot of work but I feel like I can put a lot of quality and entertainment into it that way, more than that I would be overworked and overwhelmed. That's how I try to make them as high quality as possible and entertaining. Can't wait to see your new equipment. And congrats on 2k. Looking forward to seeing your new equipment.


Thanks for the lovely comment Lyd :) appreciate it!

Your cooking Videos are good! Keep up the great work, they are quality... best cooking vids on Dtube (in my opinion)

I look forward to see a Vegan dish from you once :P since I'm a vegan... haha :(

Can't wait to show you shots with my new equipment <:)

This is the first video of yours I have watched and its interesting to hear your thoughts. I started producing videos to a schedule on Youtube beginning of this year. I try keep to an upload of 2 videos a week. Now I dont vlog I make videos of dance shows and performing arts and to create good cuts you cannot just throw these things together. But to my point on this even two quality videos a week can be a lot of pressure and you know what 6 months of posting and im still only on 340 so Subs on Youtube.

The fact that you have the opportunity to have raised by now over 2k Steem Power and 1,2k+ subs from creating content off your phone is phenomenal and mind blowing. Just keep creating you will get the gear you need then the time is right. Use that time to brainstorm your winning content that once you have proper gear will shoot you to the stars.

So I have invested lots of my own money into Cameras, accessories, pcs, software and time into creating high quality content that hasn't earned me anything on Youtube. I am new to DTube and Steemit. (2 Weeks) I have not posted a single article or video yet, rather just exploring the platforms, reading posts, watching videos and chatting to people in the comments. I have done this to get a feel for the community.

Here is my opinion after 2 weeks:

  1. What an amazing opportunity to be part of a new up and coming platform with real community behind it. Youtube is saturated... almost impossible to break through it will take 4-5 years of dedicated videos and high quality. Here its a land grab for influence.
  2. The rewards in crypto from each post and even comments is the cherry on top. Forget about what your making just make the videos for the love of what you do and your content will win. Then after 3-4 years of just pumping into the platform and not taking away from it. You will be a rich man but don't focus on that as the goal.

We should all be thankful for being here now and not a year from now. My first video and introduction article should be launching today or tomorrow :)

But anyway I am subscribing to your channel and look forward to seeing where you go. If you need and advice on video gear, editing etc I would be happy to give some tips.


Awesome post. The only way to do great work is to love what you do. You have achieved that.


Thank you for a lovely comment :)

You definitely encouraged me...

So I have invested lots of my own money into Cameras, accessories, pcs, software and time into creating high quality content that hasn't earned me anything on Youtube.

Well you are lucky to be here then! Lets grow this Place together, shall we? :)

I'm looking forward to your Advice! Mos def we should stay in touch :P did you create your Discord Account yet?

Mine is enjoyinglife #0655 :)

btw, I would be glad to help you with anything related to Steemit-DTube etc... So feel free to ask, we are in this together ;)

Good video. Congrats on the 2k steem power too @enjoyinglife! 😀👍🍻


Thanks my man ;)

Congrats brother, I agree they're trying to mess with crypto. I think like the internet its going to be too big to control, Im hoping anyway!


Yeah bro, classics -.-

But they can't do shit! They can postpone some things maybe, prolong... But nothing else, you can't stop Blockchain :)))))

Amazing man, congratulions.
Keep on pushing, you‘re getting more and more influence here :)

Very nice, we need more powerful people on dtube, thanks for your work. ☺

Brother, you are killing it ma man ;) And congrats on your 2k SP!!

Winny out...for now ;)

nice tips my dear thanks for sharing

Bro nice message and goal ! I think you can make it and please do not make the "5 best cars" or whatever videos xD

Congrats to your 2k SP and your Followers man. I am happy that you are here to make dTube great !