Engadget is now on Steemit and DTube

in dtube •  8 months ago

Engadget, the original home for technology news and reviews is now on Steemit and DTube!

Since our founding in 2004, we've grown from an exhaustive source for consumer tech news to a global multimedia organization covering the intersection of technology, gaming and entertainment. Today we produce the Internet's most compelling videos, reviews, features and breaking news about the people, products and ideas shaping our world.

We couldn't be more excited about joining the Steemit and DTube community. It's too early to tell where this platform will lead for publishers like us, but we're always excited to try new platforms—especially ones that incentivize high quality stories.

This account is currently managed by @evanrodgers.
Verification tweet is here.

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Anyone got the engadget steemit username? I can find them on dtube, but not here


Yea.... Thats true


Hello Engadget, welcome to Steem! :-)
Could you please verify that it is an authorized account?
For example tweeting name of Steem account from official account would do the thing.


I second that


Yes please. :)






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Thank You! ⚜


yaaaa. I agree with you.


Mantap sir... im from aceh


Hello welcome

This is great news...I love your site.

Welcome to the STEEM blockchain. I am sure @evanrodgers fully grasps the potential here.

Over time, you will be able to leverage this model to really expand your brand.

I look forward to helping you along.


Thanks @taskmaster4450, we appreciate your support!


You got it...also put up a post announcing your presence here.

Great site and a welcomed addition to Steemit.



man I will tell everyone on http://steemspeak.com about this news!
Oh they already know about it, because we here at steemspeak discord channel know EVERYTHING before it happens!

Just wait for the next Engadget SMT ! Engadget Smart Media token will monetize comments made on the Engadget website! Allowing smart commenters to make money with high quality comments!

Welcome to Steem Community @engadgetnews! As a gentle reminder, please keep your master password safe. The best practise is to use your private posting key to login to Steemit when posting; and the private active key for wallet related transactions.

In the New Steemians project, we help new members of steem by education and resteeeming their articles. Get your articles resteemed too for maximum exposure. You can learn more about it here: https://steemit.com/introduceyourself/@gaman/new-steemians-project-launch


Thanks, This is good information ...

I'm @edosweet. I'm here to welcome you specially to this platform. I'm really glad you are here and hope to see you become a great steemian. Good luck to you! IMG_20180130_094825

Great move @engadgetnews! You will be seen as a leader in blockchain-based media and social networking. If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to me. I have given many presentations on Steem and interviewed the CEO @ned after only a few months of the platform's release.


Good luck with the platform and I've follow you!


Very cool, glad you guys are on board and have informed your viewers! Cheers!


Good to see you and @steemitqa in here, see how I got my comment to the top?


Good stuff my man!


Wow, what a fantastic development. This is such a win-win and it's great to see content providers of this caliber coming to the Steemit platform.

This is awesome, welcome to Steemit



So good to have you! Been a fan for years. You are on the blockchain that is the future of publishing!

Happy to know that @engadgetnews joins Steemit. I think more and more news outlet should join Steemit. @engadgetnews can made a detailed post about steemit. Thank you and have a good time in this great platform @steemero


Yea I agree with you more news and media outfits need to join the steemit platform and join to popularize it.

Welcome to Steemit, engadget! I love your site.

Hello 👋 @engadgetnews welcome to #Steemit

Welcome, this is the perfect space for you!


Same to you

WOW! Welcome aboard the Steemit Train. Congratulations on your accomplishments, the addition of your crew among us can certainly help us all. All for one and one for all!

Namaste :)

wow.. this really great news for all Steemians and Dtuber

Sounds great :)

Cool! Welcome! Glad to see you experimenting with the platform. Looking forward to hearing what you think of it.

ENGADGETNEWS sound like you have some cool stuff up your sleeve!


Go Evan!!!

Very good idea, 😊

This is a great direction for #Steemit! More #EXPOSURE BABY! @engadgetnews & @evanrodgers

welcome, @engadgetnews to SteemIt!


come on man you could have at least left a cool GIF!


LOL! good point :)


I used to perform this feat when I was a child.

Hello Engadget, welcome to Steem! :-)
Could you please verify that it is an authorized account?
For example tweeting name of Steem account from official account would do the thing.

I am glad to hear that you are working hard with innovative ideas. Thanks for sharing

Can't freaking believe it! Alright! About time! 😉

Cool, I love engadget!

Keep up the good work, expecting nice tech reviews

That's awesome guys. I'm a big reader of the site and it's going to be great having you guys on Steem. As one topic of recent news, I would really love to hear your take on Samsung's new mining chip, as well as the future of Electroneum (ETN) currency.

Welcome. Hopefully you can get @engadget eventually but it is great to have y'all here either way

Welcome to Steemit @engadgetnews ! :)

indeed the technology is to support. thank you for information @engadgetnews

absolutely right...i agree with your opinion..

i think there are a few people who always try different platform just for their beneficiaries..

Welcome to Steemit! Glad to see some new faces!

Wow! I'm happy you are onboard @engadgetnews, I will inform my website followers & friends. Looking forward for your posts.

This is awesome, welcome to steem. Just upvoted you, hope to hear from you

More innovations and premium tech news and tips on Steemit. Welcome to the future of social media and tech

great post thank you very much for posting gooood luck

Great news , there used to be a time I used to read Engadget every day ! frequency has reduced but i still do visit. Glad to see on Steemit !

Welcome on boards.

Great news indeed. Good to know.
Steemit is taking over faster than envisaged.

Hi I am new on steemit. how to get reputation on this amazing social platforum


like that, voting, commenting and publishing

very good article of high value for this community, I encourage you to continue enriching your knowledge and showing it so that the platform and communities appreciate it. thanks for your dedication

Very good! I follow you for get some technology fresh news

Engadget is a great site - can't wait to see the content coming up here.

Thanks for making your high-quality content available in more places.

Thinking of exclusive content pieces for Steemit? I think as the community evolves, it'll get easier to understand what types of content might be most appropriate for posting and sharing on the platform.

This is so exciting. I am a big fan of your site.

great to have you here.

Its a great news for me my favourite tech news channel on steemit now.

Cheers @engadgetnews for joining major social platforms like Steemit and D.tube. Once again congratulations and Welcome.

great news :D thanks

Awesome - welcome

Welcome to the Steemit @engadget !! This is great news.
Suena muy bien a lo que se dedican, Mucho Éxito.
I'm also new to the page. I think there's a lot to develop here! Great Job 👍

Welcome to our little corner of the blockchain @engadgetnews! Kick your shoes off, make yourself at home!

Congratulations @engadgetnews!
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Awesome...!!! Wellcome to steemit

haha no better indicator of the validity of this platform than when Engadget comes on board. Welcome guys and I will be as always looking to get some awesome tech stuff ... thanks for that

Welcome to Steemit! I'm glad to see you here, I really enjoy your site and all of the good information! Keep up the good work!My-steemit-thumb copy.png

Great..Welcome to Steemit @engadgetnews

I like dtube

Wow!!! That's great...:D welcome to steemit...:)

Good job!!

we really appreciate that you choose us as platform, taste the freedom of cryptocurrency

Welcome to Steemit! Nice to see you guys here. I once wrote some articles for androidmag.de and know your platform very well.

Wow , this is great news..welcome to steemit!very good idea..thanks for sharing...@engadgetnews

Glad to see a mainstream tech site expand onto Steem! Hopefully more will join us soon.

SteemIt is really gathering....Steam. I have not been able to put my finger on why exactly yet, but it feels different in a good way to engage in the content here vs other mediums. I'm not convinced it's purely the idea of getting "paid" for engagement. but maybe because the engagement has measurable value it has become a worthwhile thing to obtain on it's own?

Welcome to Steemit and Dtube Engadget. I have always enjoyed your stories. Glad to see you on board the Steem train!

Hey! have a good day. If you are part of the steemit community upvote this comment

Howdy!! Welcome! good old engadget, loved and continue to love your work through the years..

I guess steemit is going mainstream now. nice to see the acceptance

So glad to see you here, too.

This is Amazing! welcome to Steemit @engadgetnews!!!

Welcome to the economic revolution of decentralized website ownership

Great to have you here!

Welcome to the block @engadgetnews ! Its a pleasant surprise.

Verification tweet is here.

Personally I would love to see a entry in the security.txt or DNS. With an optional keybase.io linking.

Welcome. The Steem blockchain is surely an intriguing development in the crypto space. While it has its issues and the realization of its inherent potential doesn't seem to be represented sufficiently by this platform, outside development initiatives on the blockchain have been noticeably picking up in recent months and will likely spur further innovation. Time will tell, of course.

Great to have you aboard!

It's really nice seeing large platforms jump onto Steemit, it's really refreshing to see. Gonna be great when we see more of them showing up.

Welcome to Steemit, @engadgetnews and @evanrodgers.

welcome guys!

Awesome. Never heard about you guys before. But sounds good. Hopefully you will also be creating some original content here in the blockchain

Thank you for coming in here @engadgetnews and thanks to sir @evanrodgers I know you will do great in this platform...I'm excited for your first posts.

Hi I'm Tony Mullins also new to steemit please let me know if there is anything I can do to help you here on steemit

Please recommend
Ask me for boarding

What this is sir?

Welcome engadget... I was your regular reader in twitter.

Its great to see a company like engadget here.

Welcome @engadgetnews. Sounds like who all have a lot to offer here at Steemit. Look forward to it

signature_2 (1).gif

I just know steemet in mid-january or in early 2018, I am happy here can communicate with various circles from various parts of this world ..
Warm regards
by @ kani77

This is pretty neat!

May the steemitforce be with you.

Keep steeming ahead,




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Thank You! ⚜

Welcome to Steem

This is HUGE news. I haven't yet read the other comments, but I'm sure that they all essentially say the same thing. CAN'T WAIT to see what you guys do on Steemit and DTube.

Welcome to the community, and if you need anything just ask.

Welcome, @engadget! I just learned about you here. Curious what you have to offer! ;)

Wow another exploration about gadgeton engadget @engadgetnews!Congratz.

That's true,thanks for the news