KLINSVIN - She Make Me Go - Original Song

in dtube •  4 months ago

First Sunday of December I went and shot an event at a local park in the center of my town. Where my mother and about 15 volunteers - Team up to give back to the homeless. During a break in filming this guy - Klinsvin - walked by carrying guitar on his back. He commented about my camera and I asked if he wanted to play me a song. Take a look / listen at what happened next.

Were planning to meet up again to film an actual music video just after christmas. I'm Gonna get him started on steemit/ Dtube next week.

Thanks for stopping by. More Videos coming real soon.

You rock.

Much love.


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Oooo oo ooo..Beautiful my friend! Today I working and I relaxing now.. Thank you for this song!

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Thanks for checking out my video. Glad you enjoyed it. Happy new year!!