CineVlog #14 - Dog Days - Galaxy S9+

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It's been a busy week. Felt bad about not spending enough time with McFly. Poor guy really need to just let loose. After about 20 minutes of him trying to get me outside I finally gave in. It was the perfect opportunity for me to bust out the Smooth 4(smartphone gimbal) my wife got me for Christmas.

Honestly - Don't get me wrong I love shooting on my A7sii - But there is something crazy cool about being able to half decent shit with a freaking cellphone. I've used it all of 6 hours - maybe - And it's still sitting at about 50% battery - Yep - Only charged it once.

My S9+ is a big phone. Pretty sure I am putting a lot of stain on the gimbals motors. Going to invest in a counterweight. Also am going to be looking into Moment lenses. I'm seriously eyeing up the Anamorphic one.

It's not about what you shoot on - Just get out there and create some dope shit!

Anyay - Watch the video and let me know what you think.

E - Out!

Recorded in 4k at 60fps
Loaded into a 1920x816 for a 2.35:1 Aspect Ratio
Edited / . Colored in Adobe Premiere

♫Music by Dj Quads♫

Download Link:

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Hey Brother @emwalker. Glad to see you back and making those amazing videos again. WoW... I have always loved your videos and have always thought your editing skills and production ideas were awesome.

Glad to see you and McFly having an awesome time together. Glad to have you and your creative's back online Brother. May You and your family Always Live in the Abundance of Peace, Blessings and Love.

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Thanks bro I'm happy to be back - as always I really appreciate the kind words of support. I love making videos and sharing them with the community.

Stay blessed brother Jeronimo - always.

"McFly" is the best dog name I ever heard!


I love the footage, music and how you are playing with speed ramps and slow-mo. This is a really inspiring work brother!

I always shoot on my smartphone - even when I am using other gear to level it up - like my smooth 4 and so on.

Plus - I have the anamorphic lens and what can I say - it is awesome. I need a counterweight for my smooth 4 because of the heavy glass but this will be the bomb "rig" for my future videos for sure. I think I will just buy the counterweight of moment because it is easy to handle and so on but some washers will do the job as well ^^

I have some questions:

  • Which gimbal do you have?
  • What program are you using for shooting?
  • What program are you using for editing?
  • Did you color graded that footage?

Thanks for sharing this video of that cute dog :) Normally I have fear from dogs but this little cutie I would cuddle.



The above song was my wedding song. My wife and I love Back to the future. It seemed only right my our first kid be named after our favorite movie character.

Thank you for your thoughtful comments and how you take the time to really show your appreciation for my work. Smartphones have come such a long way the last few years it's incredible.

I can't wait to get an anamorphic lens - I'm looking at the Moment one - Yeah a counterweight would really help.

To answer your questions -

  • I've got the Smooth 4
  • Shooting with the native samsung app because they (Samsung) has not opened their camera tech up so 3rd party app developers can code for it.
  • I edit in Adobe Premiere and Adobe Clip.
  • yes the footage was graded - I'm on that comp right now - I'll come back tomorrow and update this comment with a screengrab of the uncolored image.

Thank you again for engaging and being a great Steemian!!