Making Kombucha

in dtube •  11 months ago

So i have always wanted to get into food videos, but never got around to it on youtube. In fact, i never got around to making videos at all. So after having tested DTube out a little, i wanted to show you guys how to make Kombucha. I am using kombucha for my Bachelor project, so i thought it appropriate to do a video with a recipe.

The process is simple, you only need water, tea, sugar, a scoby, and some leftover kombucha. Today, you can likely get this anywhere, and you'll get a new Scoby with each batch, that you can share with friends.

I am very new to this whole video thing. It is the second time in my life that i am trying my hands at it, so bare with me, i am still trying to figure everything out :)

Have a great day, and a wonderful new years eve!

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do you need yeast?


No need to add yeast :) the yeast is contained, with the bacteria, in the kombucha/ Scooby

You need some upvote love here


Man, thank you so much, that means a ton :) Happy new year man!



Hey man, have you gotten on DTube yet? :D


Yo, no still not yet, planning on after releasing my new tutorial.


Looking forward to seeing it :)