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This is another family video taken by @emafe & @chrisrice from Davao City, Philippines.

The video starts with a sneak preview of the family getting ready for picture taking, and it gets into the video starting with the same. @emafe, @chrisrice and Zac always take photos together wearing matching outfits on Sunday and this Funday is no different.

After their semi-photoshoot and while they are getting ready for church, @chrisrice explains how he is most likely a cultural Catholic and guesses that @emafe is somewhere in the middle between a traditional Catholic and a Cultural Catholic.

After that, the family is seen in Gmall Toril where the family is shown doing their grocery shopping. They are seen eating pizza at Greenwhich Pizza and then in the following week, they just so happen to be eating Pizza again but at S&R inside SM City Davao.

It's moments like this that Zac loves running around and playing and you can see him playing, having fun and even crying a bit inside the mall as he stays true to his 2 year old life.

Towards the end of the video, @emafe is filmed buying Pamper diapers on sale and @chrisrice ends the video by filling in on what they did for the day.

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