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After a quick sneak preview, the video starts with Chris helping Zac Lucas wake up for the day. Little Zac is actually singing the ABC's starting with the letter W.

Emafe then jumps in and speaks a little bit of Tagalog before the family of three go on a nice walk. You also get to see their dog Raffy which looks a lot different from their earlier days when they were vlogging on their old PinkieRiceGurl & PinkieRiceChannel 9 years ago.

The walk they go on is pleasant with baby Zac playing with the holes in the ground located on the street. They bond together and have a few laughs with some of the funny things they see in the street and Chris attends the first #SteemPhililppines meetujp with blockchain Developer @nathansenn and @jancharlest from Steemit.com

Thank you everyone for watching!

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