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This video starts with @chrisrice waking up in the morning with his son Zac, but Zac is a little fussy in the morning. He is whining a bit and Chris eventually discovers that Zac Lucas is interested in watching cartoons on the cell phone.

After the clips about waking up, you can see Chris, Emafe and the household shopping at the grocery store in G-Mall Toril. It's really busy there and it's super noisy. Once they are done shopping for groceries, they eat outside of the grocery stores at a vegetarian stall named Chiggys.

The next day, Chris starts the vlog in front of their house, sharing about what they do on Sundays. You can see them eating at Mag Inasal and Chris eats palabok instead of chicken so that he can consume less meat. The family has no money, or very little money on this day so they plan on window shopping instead of actual shopping.

In spite of not having much money, they buy a toy egg in a pan for baby @zaclucas and @emafe buys a dress. @zaclucas is able to say the word egg and he also says "shoes" when @chrisrice points to a flip flop.

In the middle of the video, Chris starts talking again about the #SteemPhilippines meetups that they have every Wednesday. He gets in the car and sits in the passenger seat since @emafe is the one that drives. While inside the car he invites anyone and everyone watching to meet them at SM Ecoland this or next Wednesday at 5:00 PM to 8:00 PM, everyone is welcome.

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Nice. Enjoyed the typed out play by play! In a place where I cant watch a video at the moment so it was nice to read it!

Nice @jacuzzi 😊

I love it when people write text versions of their videos too 🙂

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