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This is just one of our everyday family videos with @emafe and @chrisrice as we spend time with our son, @zaclucas.

The video starts with a short preview of @emafe feeling concerned and worried about their son Zac and then the video jumps into gear with the family eating street food in front of a shopping mall known as 'SM Ecoland'.

@emafe is there to eat "hot cakes" which are pretty much pancakes but with a unique twist and of course, sugar. A lot of things in the Philippines have sugar that do not otherwise have sugar in places like the United States - Filipinos are kind of known for their sweet tooth :)

Then the video shows that baby Zac got a little sick, he had a fever and felt unwell so the couple ended up driving him to a doctor's appointment where he got antibiotics.

Then you get to see the family spend time together, walk around in the city of Davao and Chris does some talking related to some of their activities.

Later on, Zac is seen smiling, laughing and playing with his new bubbles. This was the first time that the family bought bubbles for their little Zac who is now 2 years old.

The video ends with Chris sharing how the price of Bitcoin recently crashed. A good amount of people were expecting the crash, Chris wasn't personally expecting it and the crash in Bitcoin led to Steem's price crashing even more than Bitcoin. The good news though is that Chris is enjoying the ups and downs of the market come what may and @jancharlest and him are sharing crypto humor in the FB group chat for #SteemPhilippines.

Here is one of the videos that made them laugh:



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