HF21 in 1WEEK| Are You Ready? What Changes Should We Expect?

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Are you guys ready? I am not quite sure how this one is going to affect the platform in general, but I have read an extensive amount of articles on people having different opinions on it. One thing is for sure though, it doesn't seem like it will be favorable for content creators. Do you have any idea on what is being implemented on this Hardfork? Is the reward system changing to 50/50 on this HF? I guess we'll just have to wait and see. More thoughts on my vlog..


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I think it goes live August 27th.

Hey @elsiekjay , let's just wait and see. Nothing we can do so let's just try the HF out and see for our selves! By the way, #steemskate tag is used for skateboarding content. No offence, just informing you. If you check out the tag it's full of skateboarding!

Much love and Steem on!

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I'm not in favor of this fork. Biggest part of it I am doubtful about is the EIP and the new curve which seems to favor larger stakeholders.

Also, free downvotes seems good on the surface but don't think the consequences are being fully weighed out.

Or perhaps it has been thought out but not in a way that helps the little guy. I mean do we really think that users are suddenly going to start flagging token manipulating whales that have a track record for retaliation?

Of course not.

It's wishful thinking of the highest magnitude. Perhaps, we may see more altruistic, brave and / or stupid users flag spam from certain early miners who will not be named but I am very inclined to say that will be a minority of users. Most users (no offense) are like you and would rather mind their own business.

The problem is the reward pool is everybody's business but some users have employed fear tactics to get us away from that fact.

The one positive I can see is more flagging of bid bot misuse and maybe even the nullification of ROI from using those services which in the first place ought not be. They push the narrative of promotion so let's let them be that rather than instruments of collusive voting between stakeholders.

Anyways, I kind of went into a rant. I plan to use these last few days to get @steemflagrewards ready for HF21. I've had a bit of a coding equivalent of a writer's block and will do my best to overcome it.

In addition to debugging our existing code, I will need to test our bot on HF21 RPC nodes and redesign so we are minimally rewarding the "free downvotes".

It's gonna be a challenge and will have my caffeinated beverages on standby as I'll likely need them.

Side note: Like your positive attitude and how you can see humor from last HF. Hold on to that. 👍

So the EIP is really happening? Yeiikkks!!

I mean, what's the worst that can happen at this point?Besides losing more users and the continuous tanking Steem price? I think Steem is Way ahead of its time & perhaps it might take a couple of years to find a model that works for everyone. It is an experiment after all. If you can't beat them join them they said, I say laugh about it & move on to the next. At our death bed we'll most likely not be thinking what a great project Steem could have been/was. Let's not forget to live even as we wish for the best for this blockchain. Laughter is the best medicine :)

Let's see how this plays out next month :D